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Andalusian Soul by The Merchant Of Venice

Andalusian Soul by The Merchant Of Venice
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2018

Key Notes of Andalusian Soul

What Does Andalusian Soul Smell Like

Andalusian Soul by The Merchant Of Venice opens with a warm, rich aroma, where the smooth, resinous touch of amber seamlessly intertwines with the robust, dark essence of rum. The subtle hint of acacia lends an unexpected softness to the blend, adding a gentle floral touch to the otherwise potent opener. As the perfume evolves, the spicy and earthy balsamic notes become more prominent, mingling with the pungent, leathery ambiance of labdanum. Smoky whispers infuse the heart of the fragrance, creating an intriguing depth and a mysteriously appealing character. As the performance progresses to its base, the soothing sweetness of vanilla takes the center stage, harmonized beautifully with the returning amber, this time with a softer, more powdery facet. The faint undertone of sage provides a herbal freshness, balancing the sweetness while adding a touch of sharpness to the creamy base. Overall, Andalusian Soul resonates a sensual, slightly smoky yet sweet aroma, with an undercurrent of spice, creating an olfactory journey that is as enticing as it is comforting.

Review of Andalusian Soul

Andalusian Soul by The Merchant Of Venice is a perfume that truly embodies the essence of fall and winter, with its warm and comforting scent. The sweetness is not overbearing; instead, it's balanced perfectly with spicy, smoky, and gourmand notes to create a cozy aroma that's perfect for colder evenings.

The fragrance is characterized by a creamy and resinous undertone, which adds depth and richness, complemented by a hint of oriental and woody notes for a touch of mystery. A faint whisper of floral and powdery tones keeps it from becoming too heavy.

Given its intensity, it's an excellent choice for a night out, lending an air of allure without being overly aggressive. Its staying power is impressive, allowing the scent to last throughout your evening escapades. Yet, it's also versatile enough for casual, everyday wear, particularly in a business setting.

While it's advertised as unisex, Andalusian Soul tends to lean more towards the feminine side, with the majority of its admirers being women. Nonetheless, its balance of sweet and spicy notes can also appeal to men who prefer a scent with a bit of edge.

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