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Asian Inspirations by The Merchant Of Venice

Asian Inspirations by The Merchant Of Venice
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2013

Key Notes of Asian Inspirations

What Does Asian Inspirations Smell Like

Asian Inspirations by The Merchant Of Venice opens with a noticeable spicy hint of cardamom, underscored by the refreshing tang of bergamot and bitter orange. This initial scent is intriguing, offering a mix of freshness and warmth. The middle notes bring in a more complex scent profile, as the heat of black pepper, the earthy aroma of clary sage, the warm, nutty scent of nutmeg, the exotic and slightly sweet note of saffron, and the deep, rich scent of oud start to unfold. These notes together create a smell that is a heady mix of spice and warmth, with an underlying richness that speaks of luxurious woods. The base notes of Asian Inspirations take it to another level of complexity. The warm, vanilla-like scent of Benzoin Siam, the grassy, earthy aroma of Java vetiver, the sensual musk, the woody, slightly floral essence of white cedar, and the intense, rich scent of leather all come together to form a powerful finale. Overall, the scent is a vivid tapestry of spicy, green, woody, and fresh notes, with a resinous undertone that adds a certain depth and complexity.

Review of Asian Inspirations

Asian Inspirations by The Merchant Of Venice is a stellar choice for those who appreciate a distinct, spicy aroma with a hint of freshness. This unisex perfume leans slightly more towards a male audience, making it a compelling option for men who enjoy a perfume that veers off the beaten path of typical scents. The fragrance opens with a strong spicy character, layered with green and woody notes that create an invigorating and earthy blend. Underneath, the smoky and citrus undertones provide a surprising twist. This is a perfume for all seasons, having an equal play of warmth for autumn and spring, and lighter notes for summer and winter. It is versatile enough for various occasions from leisurely afternoons to business meetings, making it a handy addition to your perfume rotation. While its scent doesn't linger all day, it has a decent staying power. For its price, Asian Inspirations offers good value, particularly for those seeking a slightly offbeat yet pleasant perfume.

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