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Suave Petals by The Merchant Of Venice

Suave Petals by The Merchant Of Venice
Gender: Women
Release date: 2013

What Does Suave Petals Smell Like

Suave Petals by The Merchant Of Venice opens with a crisp, bright aroma. Its top notes blend the fragrant whiff of nectarine blossom with the citrusy hint of bergamot. This is accompanied by a sweet scent of pineapple and a subtle undertone of apple that adds a touch of freshness to the overall aroma.

As the perfume settles, you start to notice the elegant scent of white rose paired with the sweet, delicate essence of orange blossom. The floral heart of the perfume is further enhanced by subtle hints of Florentine iris and the rich, seductive aroma of tuberose, creating a bouquet of sweet floral scents that is both captivating and comforting.

The base notes of this perfume bring out a distinctly warm and earthy aroma. The intense, balsamic scent of Indonesian patchouli is elegantly paired with the clean, soft smell of musk. The added notes of sandalwood lend a woody, milky undercurrent which is perfectly balanced by the sweet, creamy scent of vanilla. The combination of these base notes gives the perfume a lingering, sensual undertone that adds depth and richness. This perfume is delightfully floral, sweet, and creamy, with a powdery, fruity touch that enhances its overall appeal.

Review of Suave Petals

Suave Petals by The Merchant Of Venice is an inviting perfume that draws you in with its dominant floral tones. With a subtle sweetness, it blooms into a soft powdery finish that leaves a lingering scent. It's not just your average floral perfume; the added fruity notes bring a youthful playfulness, while the creamy undertones add depth and richness. The dash of spiciness and freshness gives it a surprising kick that prevents it from becoming too cloying.

This perfume is a great option for spring when nature comes alive again, but its warmth also makes it suitable for the crisp fall days. It's versatile, fitting for relaxed leisure time, a daily must-have, a professional setting, or even for a night out. Despite its soft sillage, it has commendable staying power, ensuring a scent that whispers rather than shouts. Suave Petals is for those who prefer their fragrances to have a soft-spoken elegance and a comforting presence.

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