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Tiffany & Co. Intense by Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. Intense by Tiffany & Co.
Gender: Women
Release date: 2018
Perfumer: Daniela Andrier

Key Notes of Tiffany & Co. Intense

What Does Tiffany & Co. Intense Smell Like

Upon first scent, Tiffany & Co. Intense presents a lively open of mandarin orange leaf and a hint of pink pepper. This initial scent offers a vibrant freshness with a slightly spiced touch, gifting an immediate sense of vibrancy.

As the perfume settles, a dominant aura of Iris starts to unravel, imparting a powdery, floral heart to the perfume. The feel of soft petal-like Iris engulfs the aroma, creating a predominately floral, almost dreamy aroma. This Iris note lends a creamy touch to the scent, adding a sweetness that is not cloying but rather charming.

Tiffany & Co. Intense then segues into its base notes of benzoin and amber. The benzoin introduces a resiny sweetness, infusing a warm and creamy undertone to the fragrance. Paired with the radiant warmth of amber, the perfume concludes with a comforting and slightly sweet finish.

In essence, Tiffany & Co. Intense can be described as a floral perfume infused with sweet and creamy undertones, underscored by refreshing top notes and a subtly warm finish. The amalgamation of these notes results in a scent that is powdery, floral, sweet, fresh, and creamy.

Review of Tiffany & Co. Intense

Tiffany & Co. Intense is a perfume designed for women that radiates a sense of luxury and elegance. Its scent profile leans towards powdery and floral tones, making it a perfect choice for those who enjoy soft and sophisticated fragrances. Released in 2018, this perfume has become a staple in the fragrance collection of many, especially those who prefer wearing their scents during the spring and summer seasons.

One of the first things you'll notice when you spray Tiffany & Co. Intense is the fresh and vibrant scent of the mandarin orange leaf, tickled with the spiciness of pink pepper. As the perfume settles, the star of the show, Iris, comes to the forefront, bringing a clean, powdery, and slightly sweet allure that's undeniably feminine. The base notes of benzoin and amber add a warm, resinous, slightly balsamic undertone to round off the fragrance.

While it's perfect for daily use and leisure activities, this perfume isn't limited to casual settings. Its subtle yet lasting scent makes it a good choice for business meetings and evening affairs as well. It might not be the best fit for those seeking a bold and pronounced perfume that fills a room, as its sillage is somewhat moderate.

As for longevity, it holds up pretty well, but if you're planning a long day or night out, you might want to pack it for a touch-up. With a reasonable price point considering its quality, Tiffany & Co. Intense is a great investment for those who value an elegant and versatile addition to their fragrance collection. It's a perfume that speaks of grace and sophistication, yet remains inviting and relatable.

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