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Tiffany & Love for Her by Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Love for Her by Tiffany & Co.
Gender: Women
Release date: 2019

Key Notes of Tiffany & Love for Her

What Does Tiffany & Love for Her Smell Like

Tiffany & Love for Her by Tiffany & Co. opens with a clear, fresh scent that is immediately reminiscent of a juicy grapefruit. This initial citrusy aroma is beautifully intertwined with a hint of ripe blackcurrant, adding a touch of fruity sweetness. As the fragrance unfolds, it blooms into a floral heart dominated by the rich smell of blooming jasmine. The jasmine's intense floral scent is subtly paired with the sweet-bitter essence of neroli and the creamy, slightly fruity smell of tuberose, creating an intriguing, warmly floral heart.

As the perfume settles on the skin, the base notes come forward. Here, the clean, slightly sharp scent of cedarwood mingles with the earthy undertones of vetiver, bringing a grounded, woody character to the fragrance. The finishing touch of blue sequoia inserts a touch of an almost oceanic fresh smell, seamlessly weaving through the woodsy base. Overall, Tiffany & Love for Her offers a multifaceted scent journey, beginning with a bright citrus and fruity opening, moving through a lush floral heart, and ending with a warm and woody finish.

Review of Tiffany & Love for Her

Tiffany & Love for Her by Tiffany & Co. is not your typical women's fragrance. The first whiff greets you with an invigorating blend of grapefruit and blackcurrant - a fresh and sunny start that is like a Citrusy punch, making it ideal for those summer outings or spring picnics.

The scent progressively unfolds into a lush floral heart of jasmine, neroli, and tuberose. These notes offer a breezy, rejuvenating scent that is feminine but not overly sweet. It indeed reflects a refined aroma that would appeal to mature women, looking for a scent that whispers elegance without trying too hard.

Despite the promising start and heart, Tiffany & Love for Her falls slightly short with its staying power. The fragrance, while lovely, tends to fade more quickly than one would expect from a brand like Tiffany & Co. Additionally, the sillage isn't significant, making it a more personal scent that stays closer to the skin.

The base notes of Cedarwood and Vetiver add a hint of earthiness to the perfume, but it's not overly woodsy or heavy. It lends a slight warmth and depth to the fragrance, making it versatile enough for both day and night wear.

In terms of value, it's not the most affordable fragrance on the block but considering the well-balanced composition and high-quality ingredients, it's worth considering for those who appreciate a fresh, floral perfume.

In conclusion, Tiffany & Love for Her is a refreshing take on a women's fragrance from Tiffany & Co. It's fresh, floral, subtly sweet, and perfect for daily wear or a casual day out. However, if you're looking for a heavy hitter with significant sillage and longevity, this might not be the one for you.

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