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Foconero by Tiziana Terenzi

Foconero by Tiziana Terenzi
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2017
Perfumer: Paolo Terenzi

Key Notes of Foconero

What Does Foconero Smell Like

Foconero by Tiziana Terenzi opens with a heady splash of Italian lemon, lending a tart, zesty kick to the scent. This is followed by a fresh undercurrent of thyme that tempers the citrus vibrancy while adding a green, herbaceous touch. Juniper subtly introduces a crisp, pine-like aroma, pairing nicely with the slightly sweet and citrusy bergamot. Lavender adds a soothing floral aspect, while a hint of lime provides an additional citrusy twist.

In the heart, the perfume reveals a surprising wave of salty resonance mixed with an airy ozone scent that delivers an aquatic freshness to the composition. Cardamom introduces a light, spicy touch that complements the delicate floral scent of hyacinth and lily of the valley. Ylang-ylang, although not as prominent, contributes a slightly exotic, sweet undertone.

On the dry down, the perfume unfurls a base of sandalwood, lending a soft, woody foundation. The earthy tones of oakmoss and patchouli subtly weave in, adding a touch of depth. White cedar, not dominant but noticeable, wraps up the scent with a clean, woody finish. Overall, Foconero by Tiziana Terenzi smells like a fresh, citrusy, and woodsy fragrance with aquatic and spicy highlights.

Review of Foconero

Foconero by Tiziana Terenzi is a bold choice for those who enjoy standing out in the crowd. Released in 2017, this unisex fragrance has a pleasing allure, primarily enjoyed by men. It offers a fresh and energetic aroma, driven by a dominant citrus component that makes it a lively choice for hot summer days and blossoming spring afternoons. The woody undertones add a hint of depth and mystery, while the aquatic notes provide a sense of lightness and freedom. A subtle spicy kick and a touch of green complete the composition, adding a dash of unpredictability. Perfect for both leisure activities and everyday wear, Foconero also fits into a professional setting, providing a confident aura. For social outings or nighttime adventures, its presence is surely felt. Though its performance is slightly more subdued in colder seasons, it can be a surprising pick for those daring to differentiate themselves. A good value for its quality, Foconero is a vibrant, energetic choice for those who aren't afraid to be different.

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