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Azure Lime by Tom Ford

Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2010
Brand: Tom Ford

Key Notes of Azure Lime

What Does Azure Lime Smell Like

Azure Lime by Tom Ford opens with a tangy and crisp scent, predominantly of lime water, but also with whiffs of zesty lemon and a bit of sweet bergamot. These citrusy top notes are paired with the gentle scent of mint and the more robust, invigorating smells of juniper berry and black basil. A faint hint of orange also lingers at the top.

As the fragrance settles, it eases into the middle notes with a floral heart of delicate jasmine and orange blossom, mingled with the subtle green hint of violet leaf. The distinct aroma of neroli is also evident, accompanied by the rare, slightly sweet scent of orris butter and buchu.

The base of the perfume is mainly characterized by musk, lending it a smooth and slightly animalic undertone. The earthiness of oak wood and patchouli as well as the creamy note of sandalwood contribute to the woody aspect of the perfume. Irish moss adds an aquatic and somewhat green feel to the base, while a touch of warm tonka bean gives a hint of sweetness. Overall, Azure Lime smells citrusy, fresh, aquatic, woody, and a little spicy.

Review of Azure Lime

Azure Lime by Tom Ford is a bold and relatable scent that seems to echo the spirit of adventurous men in their prime. The fragrance, though unisex, predominantly appeals to men who appreciate a subtle mix of citrus and fresh notes, giving it a sense of versatility.

On the first spritz, your senses are greeted with a vibrant lime water accord, which is effortlessly balanced with the pleasant zing of bergamot and lemon. This citrusy opening is neither overwhelming nor overly tart, but rather a welcoming, fresh introduction.

The heart of the fragrance begins to unfold with hints of neroli and violet leaf, adding a touch of floral mystery to the citrusy freshness. However, it's the base notes of musk and Irish moss that give Azure Lime its longevity and complexity, grounding the scent in a woodsy, masculine territory.

Ideal for spring and summer days, the scent is versatile enough for a wide range of occasions. The freshness lends itself well to casual daytime use, perhaps for a business meeting or a leisurely day off. It also carries enough depth and longevity to transition into a sporty evening event or night out.

Despite its strengths, Azure Lime might not be for everyone. Its citrusy freshness might be a tad too much for those who prefer warmer, spicier scents. Also, its sillage is moderate, meaning it may not leave a lingering trail in your wake. However, for those who value subtlety and versatility, this Tom Ford creation is a worthy addition to their collection.

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