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Extreme by Tom Ford

Extreme by Tom Ford
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Men
Release date: 2007
Brand: Tom Ford

What Does Extreme Smell Like

Extreme by Tom Ford opens with a distinct spicy aroma, where a prominent cinnamon presence is noticeable. This is accompanied by the freshness of basil, the warmth of cardamom, and a hint of citrus from lemon. There's also an underlying hint of chamomile, which adds a bit of a calming touch.

As the initial spiciness settles, the heart of the fragrance emerges, revealing a rich, fruity scent of plum. This is combined with the creaminess of sandalwood and the earthiness of cedarwood. There's also a subtle sweetness of fig and a dash of saffron, while thyme gives this stage of the fragrance a slight herbal complexity.

The base of the perfume is deeply earthy and robust. The scent of patchouli is quite noticeable, and it's complemented by the unique aroma of truffle. There's also the woodiness of balsam fir and the smokiness of frankincense. The leather note brings in a masculine edge, while the sweetness of vanilla, caramel, and rum adds a bit of a rich, indulgent feel. The fragrance finishes with a hint of vetiver, which leaves a lingering earthy and slightly smoky scent on the skin.

Overall, Extreme by Tom Ford is a complex fragrance, full of warmth and depth, blending spicy, fruity, and earthy notes.

Review of Extreme

Tom Ford's 2007 creation, Extreme, is an Eau de Toilette squarely aimed at the mature man. Its scent profile leans heavily into bold, assertive notes. The initial hit of spice gives way to a sturdy, woody base, with an unexpected twist of leather lending an edge. A touch of smoky and oriental elements creates an earthy, resinous trail, subtly sweetened and lightened by fruity notes.

Extreme is definitely a perfume that revels in its complexity. It's a scent perfectly suited for the colder months, wrapping you in its warm, cozy aroma. This isn't a daytime, office-friendly scent - instead, it's an evening perfume, ideal for a night out, or a relaxed, leisurely situation.

When it comes to value, you're getting what you pay for. Longevity is pretty solid, and the sillage, while not overpowering, is still noticeable. It's a scent that whispers of mystery without being too overpowering, a perfect choice for the discerning man who prefers his perfumes to be as complex as he is.

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