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Grey Vetiver by Tom Ford

Grey Vetiver by Tom Ford
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Men
Release date: 2014
Perfumer: Harry Frémont
Brand: Tom Ford

Key Notes of Grey Vetiver

What Does Grey Vetiver Smell Like

Grey Vetiver by Tom Ford opens with a lively, crisp essence. The bright and zesty notes of bergamot and lemon mingle with the tangy scent of grapefruit. An undertone of orange blossom adds a slightly sweet, floral contrast to the initial citrus rush.

As the top notes begin to subside, the scent takes a turn towards the exotic with a hint of orris root and Thai basil. The orris root lends a powdery, somewhat earthy touch while the Thai basil introduces a peppery-green hint.

However, the real star of this fragrance is the vetiver. It emerges as the perfume settles, lending an earthy and woody essence that is intensely masculine. The vetiver note is complemented by the musky warmth and a hint of amberwood that adds a slightly sweet, resinous undertone. Finally, the velvety, mossy note of oakmoss rounds out the fragrance, grounding the scent in a sense of deep, mossy woods.

Overall, Grey Vetiver by Tom Ford is a scent that effortlessly marries fresh, citrusy notes with exotic spices and earthy woods for a masculine fragrance that is as complex as it is invigorating.

Review of Grey Vetiver

Grey Vetiver by Tom Ford is a quintessential masculine scent that's best appreciated in the freshness of spring or the warmth of summer. This Eau de Toilette formulation leans heavily into citrus and fresh notes, making for a lively aroma that can invigorate your day.

The perfume also features an undercurrent of green and spicy notes, which add an interesting twist to the dominating freshness. A hint of woodiness, complemented by a slight earthy touch, grounds this fragrance, enhancing its masculine appeal.

While it can be worn at any time, this scent fits seamlessly into a business or daily setting, adding a subtle and appealing aroma to your presence. Its moderately lasting nature ensures the scent won't overpower but rather accompany you throughout the day.

With its balanced blend of notes, Grey Vetiver is a solid choice for men who prefer a scent that's vibrant yet grounded, making a quiet statement of confidence.

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