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Italian Cypress by Tom Ford

Italian Cypress by Tom Ford
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2008
Brand: Tom Ford

Key Notes of Italian Cypress

What Does Italian Cypress Smell Like

Italian Cypress by Tom Ford is a complex yet beautifully balanced fragrance. Right off the bat, you're met with the crispness of mandarin orange and the freshness of bergamot, these citrus elements gently wrapped in the invigorating coolness of peppermint. A hint of green galbanum lends an earthy edge to the top notes, grounding the citrus and mint and preparing the senses for the heart of the fragrance.

This is where the namesake note, cypress, truly shines. It's a strong presence, radiating a woody-green aroma that intertwines seamlessly with touches of herbaceous basil and the exotic warmth of patchouli. A note of carnation adds a whisper of floral spice, infusing the woody heart with a slightly peppery twist.

As this symphony of scents settles, the base notes come into play. The earthy, green scent of moss is prominent, adding a deep natural feel to the fragrance. It's harmoniously blended with labdanum, a resinous note that wraps the composition in a warm, amber-like embrace. This final act adds a rich depth to the fragrance, leaving a lingering impression of a stroll through a sun-warmed Italian forest.

Review of Italian Cypress

The Italian Cypress by Tom Ford, unveiled in 2008, resonates with a balanced blend of woody and spicy notes with a hint of green undertones. This sophisticated, subtly unisex aroma leans more towards the masculine side, making it a suitable choice for men who prefer a distinctive, robust scent. The perfume's noticeable longevity ensures the lingering presence of the scent throughout the day, while its moderate sillage won't overwhelm those in close proximity.

The scent profile, predominantly green and woody, is punctuated by citrus and resinous notes. Its smoky, earthy undertones add depth and character to the overall fragrance. Ideal for a wide range of seasons, from the fresh bloom of spring to the crisp chill of winter, it is versatile enough to wear for daytime business meetings or an evening night out.

Italian Cypress offers a fair value proposition for its quality, making it a commendable addition to a perfume collection for those who appreciate a timeless, classic scent.

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