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London by Tom Ford

London by Tom Ford
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2013
Perfumer: Yann Vasnier
Brand: Tom Ford

What Does London Smell Like

London by Tom Ford opens with a robust, fiery spice accord, where the hot temperament of cumin meets the biting kick of Madagascar pepper. These spicy elements are interwoven with a rich undercurrent of cardamom absolute, which lends a slightly sweet, herbal touch, and the dark, roasty aroma of coffee. Saffron and coriander seed in the mix add a touch of exotic earthiness.

Moving into the heart of the scent, the spicy opening gives way to a mysterious blend of resinous notes. The balsamic, slightly sweet nuance of cistus is layered with the crisp, fresh scent of Egyptian geranium. The earthy, slightly citrusy element of frankincense together with the deep, rich aroma of jasmine absolute creates an intoxicating middle accord.

On the dry down, London reveals a potent base of woody and animalic accords. The smoky, leather-like scent of birch is softened by the warmth and depth of cedar. This woody blend is accentuated by the sensual musk and the resinous, slightly honeyed aroma of oud. This results in a deeply sensual, smoky and woody finish. This fragrance is a true olfactory journey through the diverse and rich aromas of the world.

Review of London

Tom Ford's London has a distinctly mature aura that seems to cater to discerning gentlemen. Released in 2013, it's a fragrance with a character that doesn't shy away from bold statements. The scent profile is dominated by spicy and woody notes, giving it a robust, confident edge. The smoky and resinous undertones add depth, making it perfect for those cool fall and winter months.

The animal notes, along with a hint of oriental touch, make it stand out, while the subtle leathery and earthy tones lend it a touch of ruggedness. A hint of floral nuance adds a slight softness to this otherwise very masculine scent.

This perfume shines best during evening outings or night outs, but its laid-back vibe also suits leisurely days. While it can be worn daily, it might be a bit too bold for the workplace. All in all, Tom Ford's London is a confidently masculine fragrance with a strong, impactful presence.

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