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Noir Anthracite by Tom Ford

Noir Anthracite by Tom Ford
Gender: Men
Release date: 2017
Perfumer: Honorine Blanc
Brand: Tom Ford

Key Notes of Noir Anthracite

What Does Noir Anthracite Smell Like

Noir Anthracite by Tom Ford is a masculine fragrance with a prominent spicy aroma, primarily emanating from the Sichuan pepper, which is accompanied by a subtle hint of ginger. The top notes are rounded out with a gentle touch of bergamot, adding a slight citrus undertone to the mix.

As the scent develops, the earthy tones of galbanum come to the forefront, creating a rich, green aroma. The perfume is also accented by delicate floral notes of tuberose and jasmine sambac, which add a gentle, sweet touch to the overall composition.

In the base, the woody character of Noir Anthracite emerges, with cedarwood and patchouli lending a strong presence. The warmth and depth of Macassar wood can be detected, while Ceylonese sandalwood provides a smooth, creamy undertone to the fragrance.

The smoky and resinous aspects of the perfume arise from the blending of the various notes, creating an alluring atmosphere that evokes a sense of mystery and depth. Overall, Noir Anthracite is a complex and intriguing scent, characterized by its spicy, woody, and earthy elements, balanced with a hint of floral sweetness.

Review of Noir Anthracite

Noir Anthracite by Tom Ford, released in 2017, is a men's fragrance that has garnered attention for its bold and distinctive scent profile. Designed primarily for men, this perfume has managed to strike a chord with a slightly older audience as well.

The scent composition of Noir Anthracite leans heavily on spicy and woody notes, with earthy, smoky, resinous, and green elements contributing to its overall character. This makes the fragrance a perfect choice for those who appreciate a more robust and daring aroma.

In terms of wearability, Noir Anthracite is well-suited for the fall and winter months, where its warm and inviting scent can help combat the chill in the air. It's also a versatile option for the spring season, with its earthy and green tones complementing the fresh and rejuvenating atmosphere.

When it comes to occasions, this perfume truly shines during evening events and nights out, adding an air of confidence and allure to the wearer. Its assertive scent also makes it fitting for business settings and leisurely activities, while being subtle enough for daily use.

The longevity and sillage of Noir Anthracite are notable, ensuring that the fragrance remains with you throughout the day and leaves a memorable impression on those around you. Although not the most budget-friendly option, its distinctive scent profile and versatility make it a worthwhile investment for men seeking a bold and memorable fragrance.

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