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Ombré Leather by Tom Ford

Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2018
Brand: Tom Ford

Key Notes of Ombré Leather

What Does Ombré Leather Smell Like

Ombré Leather by Tom Ford is a sophisticated, unisex fragrance that combines woody and leathery facets with sweet, smoky and spicy nuances. The top notes of jasmine sambac, saffron and cardamom create an inviting opening with a subtle hint of sweetness. As it develops the middle notes of black leather, patchouli and vetiver blend together to form a warmly earthy accord with musky undertones. The base brings in an amber aroma softened by white moss for a touch of creaminess which mellows out the more intense elements. Together these ingredients combine to leave behind an intriguing scent that evokes images of fine leather goods wrapped in smoked spices – lingering on your skin for hours after application.

Review of Ombré Leather

Ombré Leather by Tom Ford is an Eau de Parfum that embodies the unique character of leather. Its composition presents a complex blend of leathery, spicy, sweet, woody, smoky and floral notes in perfect harmony. The scent has been appreciated for its longevity and sillage so it’s suitable both for night out events or leisure occasions during the cooler seasons such as Fall or Winter. Men and women alike have enjoyed this fragrance with equal appreciation while most feedback suggests it’s more likely to be used by older audiences rather than younger ones. Thinking about value for money, Ombré Leather makes an excellent choice without compromising quality.

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