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Sahara Noir by Tom Ford

Sahara Noir by Tom Ford
Gender: Women
Release date: 2013
Brand: Tom Ford

What Does Sahara Noir Smell Like

Sahara Noir by Tom Ford opens with a bold, smoky impression that is quickly softened by the fresh, citrusy aroma of bitter orange. The initial smoky scent is complemented by the earthy, somewhat spicy nuances of cistus, and the clean, pine-like scent of cypress. A hint of calamus lends a touch of sweet, cinnamon-like spice to the composition.

As the perfume evolves, it unveils a heart rich in frankincense, offering a warm, resinous aroma that is slightly peppery. This is harmoniously blended with the sweet, honey-like scent of beeswax and the warm, spicy aroma of cinnamon. The presence of papyrus adds a hint of green, slightly woody fragrance. Flickers of jasmine and rose lend a gentle floral touch to the perfume's heart.

In the base, the frankincense resin stands out, its warm, resinous aroma now more intense and balsamic. This is beautifully highlighted by the sweet and vanillic scent of benzoin, the woody aroma of cedar, and the musky, slightly leathery scent of labdanum. The subtle hint of oud adds a layer of depth and richness, while vanillin brings a touch of sweetness to conclude the fragrance journey. Sahara Noir leaves an impression of a smoky, resinous, and spicy fragrance, intertwined with oriental and woody undertones.

Review of Sahara Noir

Sahara Noir by Tom Ford is a perfume that navigates towards a smoky and resinous scent profile. Released in 2013, this fragrance is designed for women, but it also resonates well with men. Its scent leans towards the intense side, with distinct spicy and oriental undertones. The woody elements create a sturdy backbone for the fragrance, while the slight sweetness and earthy notes add a touch of depth and subtlety.

Ideally suited for the chillier seasons, Sahara Noir warms up the winter and fall with its robust scent. It also works fine as a spring perfume for those who prefer strong fragrances. This perfume thrives in the evening, making it a perfect companion for a night out or leisurely evenings.

Longevity is a strong suit of Sahara Noir – it stays with you, wrapping you in its smoky, resinous embrace for hours. The sillage is also notable, leaving a lingering trail that announces your presence. Despite its relatively premium price, its quality and durability provide good value.

In summary, Sahara Noir is a robust, smoky, and spicy perfume that's perfect for women who prefer strong, oriental scents.

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