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Velvet Orchid by Tom Ford

Velvet Orchid by Tom Ford
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Women
Release date: 2014
Brand: Tom Ford

What Does Velvet Orchid Smell Like

Velvet Orchid by Tom Ford is a women's perfume that features a blend of floral, sweet, oriental, spicy, and woody accords. The top notes consist of a dominant honey aroma, accompanied by a soft touch of vanilla, followed by the refreshing scents of mandarin orange Orpur® and bergamot. These initial notes create a sweet and citrusy opening.

The heart of the perfume is primarily characterized by the rich, exotic fragrance of Cattleya orchid. This floral note is supported by the delicate scents of jasmine absolute and magnolia, with a subtle hint of orange blossom adding a touch of freshness.

As the perfume dries down, the base notes come to the forefront, with myrrh Orpur® providing a warm, resinous undertone. The earthy scent of labdanum is present, adding depth to the fragrance, while the creamy and woody aroma of sandalwood rounds out the composition.

Overall, Velvet Orchid by Tom Ford is a well-balanced perfume that combines sweet, floral, oriental, spicy, and woody elements. It starts with a sweet and citrusy opening, transitions into a rich and exotic floral heart, and finishes with a warm, resinous, and woody base.

Review of Velvet Orchid

Velvet Orchid, a women's fragrance by Tom Ford, was introduced in 2014 as an elegant Eau de Parfum. This perfume is favored mostly by women, with a slightly higher preference among mature audiences. The scent is prominently floral, with sweet, oriental, and spicy elements that make it a suitable choice for cooler seasons, such as fall and winter.

The aroma of Velvet Orchid showcases a beautiful blend of flowers, including a prominent orchid note, which gives the perfume its name. As the sweet and oriental notes mingle, they create a warm, comforting ambiance, perfect for evening events or nights out. Spiciness adds depth to the fragrance, while subtler woody, powdery, gourmand, and fruity elements lend complexity to its overall character.

This perfume is ideal for those who prefer a scent that is not overpowering, yet still noticeable in its presence. Its longevity is quite impressive, allowing the wearer to enjoy the fragrance throughout the day or night. The value for the price is reasonable, making it accessible for those who appreciate quality scents without breaking the bank.

Though Velvet Orchid may not be the best choice for hot summer days or casual daytime activities, its alluring floral and oriental profile makes it a lovely option for those seeking a cozy and inviting scent for special evenings and cooler months.

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