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Venetian Bergamot by Tom Ford

Venetian Bergamot by Tom Ford
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2015
Perfumer: Givaudan
Brand: Tom Ford

What Does Venetian Bergamot Smell Like

Venetian Bergamot by Tom Ford is a unisex perfume that opens with a vibrant and tangy scent of Italian bergamot. This sparkling citrus aroma is rounded off by the spirited notes of black and pink pepper, adding a hint of spice to the overall fragrance. A subtle touch of ginger adds warmth and character to the zesty opening.

After the initial burst, it transitions into a heart of floral notes. The blooming scent of gardenia steals the show, followed by the slightly exotic aroma of ylang-ylang from Madagascar. A subtle whisper of Chinese magnolia imparts a delicate sweetness to the floral heart.

As the fragrance matures, it reveals a combination of earthy and creamy base notes. The warm scent of amber pairs beautifully with the smooth, silky aroma of cashmere. Matches of cedar and Pepperwood™ introduce a woody nuance, while sandalwood builds at the rich texture of the scent. The perfume finally signs off with an underlying sweetness from tonka bean, fostering an overall scent that is as captivating as it is comforting.

Review of Venetian Bergamot

Venetian Bergamot by Tom Ford is a refreshing, versatile fragrance that suits every mood and moment. This perfume, designed for the unisex audience, leans slightly more towards women, making it an ideal choice for the fairer sex who wish to make a subtle yet powerful statement.

The fragrance opens up with a sparkling burst of Italian bergamot – a nod to the city of Venice. The citrus notes mingle beautifully with a warm hint of black pepper and pink pepper, adding a twist of complexity without overpowering the overall scent.

As the brightness of the citrus notes begin to fade, the fragrance unveils a heart rich with floral and spicy elements. The inclusion of gardenia and Madagascan ylang-ylang adds a creamy, subtly sweet aroma that perfectly complements the zesty opening.

The base of the perfume, however, is where the magic truly lies. The sniff of amber and cashmere lends a woody undertone, giving it a sense of depth and richness. The addition of Sandalwood and Tonka bean adds a dash of warmth, making it perfect for those chilly spring evenings.

Despite its charm, Venetian Bergamot falls short in the longevity department. The scent is not overwhelming, and while it’s perfect for those who prefer a softer sillage, it may disappoint those looking for a stronger, more lingering fragrance.

Overall, Venetian Bergamot straddles the line between fresh and warm, making it a great option for those in search of a scent that can transition smoothly from day to night. However, its high price tag paired with its modest performance may make some users think twice before making a purchase. Nonetheless, it's a worthy pick for those who value quality over quantity.

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