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Violet Blonde by Tom Ford

Violet Blonde by Tom Ford
Gender: Women
Release date: 2011
Brand: Tom Ford

Key Notes of Violet Blonde

What Does Violet Blonde Smell Like

Violet Blonde by Tom Ford is a predominantly floral scent with a powdery softness that's beautifully balanced with a sweet edge. The initial burst is a crisp, green freshness of violet leaf. This is gently spiced up with a spritz of pink pepper, while a hint of mandarin orange adds a subtle citrus note, keeping the fragrance lively and vibrant.

As the perfume settles, the rich, powdery scent of Iris emerges, becoming the heart of the perfume. This lush floral undertone is accompanied by the exotic sweetness of jasmine and the creamy decadence of orris butter. A touch of jasmine sambac adds a slightly green, tea-like nuance to the overall bouquet.

The scent's finale is a comfortable blend of warm, earthy cedar, and smooth suede. The musk adds an animalic depth, enhancing the sensuality of the perfume, while the sweet, balsamic notes of benzoin give it a comforting, slightly vanilla-like quality. The earthy, grassy undertones of vetiver add a touch of raw ruggedness, grounding the scent and making it feel a bit more mature and elegant. Violet Blonde is a poetic dance of floral and woody notes with an underlying leathery sweetness.

Review of Violet Blonde

Tom Ford's Violet Blonde, a creation of 2011, is a distinctively floral perfume with a striking appeal to women. At its heart, an engaging aroma of violets mingles deftly with powdery nuances, presenting a steady balance that is neither overwhelming nor understated. The sweetness in the blend adds an inviting layer, while subtle hints of leather and wood bestow an earthy warmth. There's also a kick of spice that provides an unexpected twist.

The scent is more suited to the cooler months, making it an ideal pick for fall and spring, and can hold its charm in the winter too. This perfume lends itself well to evening events, but is also versatile enough for daily wear, nights out, leisure, and even business settings.

In terms of longevity, it has a satisfying stay, while its sillage, or trail, is moderate - not too imposing, yet detectable. The perfume presents good value, offering a high-quality experience at a reasonable price point. Tom Ford's Violet Blonde is a carefully constructed perfume that balances a range of contrasting elements, resulting in a captivating floral fragrance that appeals to a broad spectrum of women.

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