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Impact Intense by Tommy Hilfiger

Impact Intense by Tommy Hilfiger
Gender: Men
Release date: 2021

Key Notes of Impact Intense

What Does Impact Intense Smell Like

Impact Intense by Tommy Hilfiger opens with a vivid sweetness, courtesy of a dominant red apple note. This is accompanied by the subtle tartness and light citrus character of bergamot and the balsamic, slightly lemony scent of elemi resin, which provide a tantalizing contrast. As the fragrance progresses, a delightful warmth begins to emerge courtesy of a backbone of amber. The scent of chestnut, both nutty and slightly woody, heightens the sensation of warmth while labdanum introduces a leathery, slightly sweet tone. Cardamom adds an exotic, spicy touch, contributing to a sensuous middle phase. The base of the perfume showcases a prominent Akigalawood®, a spicy and woody note with a slightly bitter nuance. Three types of cedar, Atlas, Texas, and Virginia, each with their own distinct characters, ranging from sweet and robust to camphoraceous and dry, create a woody finale, but they're soft and do not overpower the composition. Impact Intense manifests as a sweet, spicy, and woody fragrance with fruity and resinous undertones that altogether offer an enticing sensory experience.

Review of Impact Intense

Impact Intense by Tommy Hilfiger presents a bold, yet pleasantly surprising exploration of scents that work well for the modern man. With its warm, spicy undertones, it exudes a certain masculine allure that appeals predominantly to mature men, without excluding the younger crowd.

The fragrance offers a tantalizing blend of sweet and woodsy elements, complemented by a dash of fruitiness. The woody characteristic shines through, adding a touch of ruggedness that's well-suited to a man who enjoys outdoor pursuits. This perfume does not shy away from complexity as resinous and oriental notes fuse together, creating a scent that conveys a sense of worldly sophistication.

As for its performance, Impact Intense exhibits impressive staying power. It lasts throughout the day, making it a reliable choice for those busy, non-stop days at work or leisure. The scent doesn't overpower, it lingers subtly in the background, an unobtrusive yet noticeable presence.

Despite its strong character, this fragrance is versatile enough to be worn in different settings. It's equally suited to a relaxed evening out as it is to a casual day at the office. Most appealing during the transition seasons of spring and fall, it can still make a statement during the hotter or colder months.

However, while Impact Intense stands out with its durability and complex scent profile, its synthetic notes may not appeal to everyone. Particularly, those who prefer all-natural fragrances.

Overall, Impact Intense by Tommy Hilfiger is a robust and versatile fragrance that fits the bill for men who appreciate a perfume with a bit of an edge. Its minor weaknesses are easily outweighed by its strengths, making it a worthy addition to any fragrance collection.

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