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Impact by Tommy Hilfiger

Impact by Tommy Hilfiger
Gender: Men
Release date: 2020

What Does Impact Smell Like

Impact by Tommy Hilfiger greets the senses with a vivid cocktail of Italian bitter orange, lending a zesty edge to the mix, subtly underpinned by the warm heat of pink pepper. The initial intensity further unfolds with a hint of sweet, crisp red apple, adding a playful fruity touch. As its initial vitality mellows, the fragrance develops into a heady heart rich with the exotic, balsamic sweetness of elemi resin, complemented by the dry, woody charm of French cypress. A touch of resinous undertone weaves through the aromatic profile, mingling with the soft herbal nuances of clary sage. As the scent reaches its final stage, it settles into a robust, woody base. The strikingly unique, peppery nuance of Akigalawood® pairs beautifully with the earthy, rich warmth of cedarwood. A hint of musk lends a sensuous veil to the composition, while a whisper of creamy sandalwood adds a dash of smooth finish to the layers. Overall, Impact is a complex and intriguing aroma that moves gently from a bright, spicy opening to a deeply resonant, woody and slightly sweet finish.

Review of Impact

Impact by Tommy Hilfiger, released in 2020, is a fragrance that exudes a sense of freshness and vitality, making it a fitting pick for men who appreciate an energizing scent. Given its balanced proportion of woody and fresh notes, Impact offers a rejuvenating olfactory experience which is particularly noticeable during the spring season.

The perfume is moderately sweet and has a hint of spiciness, which adds an intriguing twist to the overall scent profile. This delicate balance of sweetness and spice, combined with a subtle fruity undertone, imparts a youthful vibe, making it more appealing to a younger audience. The resinous and citrus elements add an interesting layer to the fragrance, contributing to its unique character without being overwhelming.

However, Impact's longevity and sillage could be improved. The scent tends to fade quicker than other comparable fragrances, which may necessitate frequent reapplications throughout the day. It also doesn't project as far as one might hope for, which could be a downside for those looking for a more assertive scent.

In terms of value, Impact presents a decent proposition. It's an affordable fragrance that delivers a sufficient bang for your buck. Although not a standout in the competitive fragrance market, it's a reliable everyday scent that would suit casual and daily wear circumstances.

The scent profile, despite its youthfulness, doesn't alienate older wearers. The generous notes of French cypress and cedarwood give it a mature edge, making it equally appealing to men of all ages. Whether you're heading for a leisurely day out or a casual business meeting, Impact is a suitable companion that subtly enhances your presence.

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