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II by Trudon

II by Trudon
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2017
Perfumer: Lyn Harris
Brand: Trudon

What Does II Smell Like

At the opening, II by Trudon unfurls an intense aroma of green leaves, bringing to mind a forest after a gentle rain, where every leaf is vibrant and alive. This initial green scent is marked but tempered with the slightly bitter undertones of orange, lending a citrusy tang to the overall profile.

As the perfume settles, the scent of juniper comes forward, possessing a slight sharpness that's reminiscent of a chilly winter morning. The juniper mingles effectively with the fresh and crisp scent of pine, conjuring an image of a peaceful forest scene.

As the perfume slowly dries down, the scent evolves to reveal a robust woody core. The cedar is pleasingly prominent, infusing the perfume with its distinctly rich and resinous attributes. This is accompanied by the deep, smoky aroma of frankincense, adding a mystical dimension to the perfume's tail end. Overall, the scent evokes the feeling of walking through an evergreen forest, with each note playing together to create an outdoorsy profile that is fresh, green, woody, and slightly spicy. II by Trudon is a perfume that effortlessly captures the essence of nature in a bottle.

Review of II

Trudon's II is a perfume that defies traditional gender labels. It's most loved by men, but women also appreciate its unique blend of scents. This unisex perfume has a green and woody essence, with a touch of freshness that makes it a go-to choice for those who prefer non-traditional yet appealing fragrances.

II is highly suitable for the warmer months of the year, particularly Spring and Summer. The scent of green leaves and bitter orange in the top notes gives it a fresh, lively feel that mirrors the vibrancy of these seasons. However, the woody undertones allow it to transition well into Fall, making it a versatile pick for most of the year.

Despite its intriguing scent profile, II is a perfume that doesn't demand attention but subtly leaves its mark. It's a fitting choice whether you're heading to a casual get-together, going about your daily chores, stepping out for a business meeting, or have plans for an evening out.

While the longevity of II might not rival some of the stronger perfumes on the market, it holds up well throughout most of the day, giving you a decent wear time. That being said, this perfume's sillage may leave some wanting, as the scent doesn't carry far and wide.

In terms of value, II by Trudon is fairly priced for its quality. However, the synthetic note might be a slight drawback for some who prefer completely natural fragrances. Overall, this perfume is a noteworthy addition to any collection, offering a distinct and enjoyable scent experience.

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