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My Name by Trussardi

My Name by Trussardi
Gender: Women
Release date: 2013
Brand: Trussardi

Key Notes of My Name

What Does My Name Smell Like

My Name by Trussardi is a perfume designed for women, with a scent that combines floral, powdery, sweet, creamy, and fresh elements. On first encounter, the top notes of heliotrope and white violet create a delicate and soft impression. The heliotrope brings a subtle sweetness, while the white violet adds a light powdery touch.

As the scent unfolds, the middle notes of lilac and arum blossom come forward, enhancing the floral aspect of the perfume. The lilac provides an unmistakable, yet gentle floral aroma that is reminiscent of a lush spring garden. The arum blossom adds a fresh, slightly green quality to the bouquet, balancing the sweetness of the other floral notes.

The base notes of ambroxan, musk, and vanilla lend a warm and comforting foundation to the fragrance. The ambroxan imparts a slightly earthy, almost woody character, while the musk adds a sensual, skin-like quality. The vanilla anchors the scent with its creamy sweetness, tying together the floral, powdery, and fresh components of the perfume.

Overall, My Name by Trussardi is a delicate and elegant scent that showcases the beauty of floral notes, with a touch of powdery sweetness and a warm, creamy base. This fragrance is perfect for those who appreciate a balanced and feminine perfume that is both soft and inviting.

Review of My Name

My Name by Trussardi, released in 2013, is a perfume designed primarily for women. Its pleasant floral and powdery notes make it a great choice for those who appreciate a softer, more delicate scent. The sweetness and creaminess of this fragrance add depth and warmth while the fresh undertones provide a subtle, uplifting quality.

This perfume is particularly suited for spring, with its light and airy blend of scents. However, it can also be comfortably worn during fall and summer, making it a versatile option for those seeking a signature scent. While not as ideal for winter, its comforting and gentle aroma can still be enjoyed during the colder months.

My Name by Trussardi is an excellent choice for daily wear or leisure activities, as it is not overpowering and carries a casual, approachable air. It can also be worn in a business setting, where its understated elegance and charm will certainly be appreciated. Although not specifically designed for evenings or nights out, this perfume can still provide a touch of grace and subtlety for those special events.

As for longevity and sillage, My Name by Trussardi offers moderate staying power and its scent won't overwhelm those around you. Overall, the value of this perfume is quite good, making it an attractive option for women seeking a lovely, versatile floral and powdery fragrance.

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