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Une Nuit à Oman - Sun Bleached by Une Nuit Nomade

Une Nuit à Oman - Sun Bleached by Une Nuit Nomade
Gender: Women
Release date: 2021

Key Notes of Une Nuit à Oman - Sun Bleached

What Does Une Nuit à Oman - Sun Bleached Smell Like

Une Nuit à Oman - Sun Bleached by Une Nuit Nomade opens with a subtly spicy aroma as the initial scent of ambrette seeds intertwines beautifully with the bright citrus tang of bergamot. A faint whisper of cardamom adds an extra layer of warmth to the opening, creating a welcoming first impression. As the scent evolves, it reveals a heart of fresh linen, which lends a clean, almost soapy touch to the perfume. It's combined with the aroma of white flowers absolute, a scent that brings to mind delicate blooms under the morning sun, infusing the blend with a soft, floral sweetness.

As the fragrance settles, it delves into a base of white musk that imparts a sensual, subtly animalic edge to the composition. The white musk is complemented by the rich, balsamic notes of myrrh and sandalwood which add depth and warmth to the blend. Soft whispers of vanilla seep through, bestowing a sweet, creamy undertone to the mix, reminiscent of freshly whipped cream. The overall feel is of a perfume that is sweet yet fresh, floral but creamy, and intriguingly synthetic.

Review of Une Nuit à Oman - Sun Bleached

Une Nuit à Oman - Sun Bleached by Une Nuit Nomade is a relatively new perfume on the block that resonates well with women. Its creamy fragrance fused with a hint of freshness, floral notes, and a sweet undertone create an enticing aura. Despite having a synthetic touch, it doesn't overpower the overall fragrance character, making it quite pleasant. The scent is more prominent throughout the warmer months of the year, making it a perfect choice for leisure activities and daily wear in spring and summer. The perfume offers a decent lifespan, but might need a little top up throughout the day. Its sillage, the trail the scent leaves behind, is moderate - not too overpowering, but prominent enough to be noticed. Bearing in mind its overall quality and the experience it provides, the perfume is good value for money. It might not be a powerhouse, but it's certainly a pleasant, easy-going scent that's worth a try for any woman looking for a fresh, floral scent with a creamy edge.

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