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Stramonio by V Canto

Stramonio by V Canto
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2018
Perfumer: Paolo Terenzi
Brand: V Canto

Key Notes of Stramonio

What Does Stramonio Smell Like

The initial spray of Stramonio by V Canto reveals a bold and fiery saffron aroma, immediately piqued by the exotic sweetness of jasmine. An underlayer of orchid and faint whiff of carnation introduces an unexpected floral spark.

As the fragrance evolves, a sense of warmth develops courtesy of ambergris, which creates an intimate and velvety backdrop. The scent of musk rose intertwines delicately, adding a nuanced complexity. The inclusion of vanilla further enhances the sweetness, but with a comforting and familiar aroma rather than an overpowering sugariness.

As the scent begins to settle on the skin, the base notes come into play. The characteristic scent of ebony makes itself known, infusing this fragrance with a rich and earthy undertone, closely followed by the animalistic musk that adds a hint of sensuality. Oakmoss introduces a green, almost forest-like scent that keeps the fragrance grounded while a trace of patchouli presents an element of familiarity with its woody yet slightly sweet aroma.

Overall, Stramonio by V Canto is a vivid blend of fiery and sweet spices, comforting floral elements, and deeply earthy and musky undertones.

Review of Stramonio

Stramonio by V Canto, released in 2018, is a tantalizing unisex fragrance, a distinct blend that marries spicy and sweet tones with a subtle, sophisticated woody undertone. It's a perfume that doesn't shy away from a complex character, offering an experience that is as invigorating as it is comforting.

The combination of saffron and ambergris in particular results in an unexpected but pleasant surprise. These notes add an exotic, somewhat mysterious quality to the scent profile. While initially quite intense, the initial burst of spice mellows over time to reveal the floral heart and woody base. This makes Stramonio a suitable choice for those who appreciate the dynamic nature of perfumes that evolve throughout the day.

Stramonio's strength lies in its longevity. The scent lingers, maintaining its personality without overpowering. However, its sillage leaves something to be desired. While it does wrap around you nicely, it tends to stay close to the skin, making it perfect for those who prefer a more personal scent bubble.

It's a perfume that's well-suited to the cooler months, particularly the fall and winter seasons, where its warmth can truly be appreciated. As for occasions, it's versatile enough for leisurely evenings out but can work equally well for a daily office setting, albeit in a more restrained application.

Considering its complexity and longevity, Stramonio is decently priced, although it might not be a steal for budget-conscious consumers. The perfume does seem to resonate more with men than women, possibly due to its spicy, woody character.

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