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Rock 'n Rose by Valentino

Rock 'n Rose by Valentino
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Women
Release date: 2006
Brand: Valentino

What Does Rock 'n Rose Smell Like

Rock 'n Rose by Valentino opens with a prominent bouquet of blackcurrant, giving it a sweet and fruity start. This is immediately complemented by a subtle hint of bergamot, which adds a gentle, citrusy freshness. Green leaves and lily of the valley join the symphony, offering a touch of crisp, floral greenness, while a whisper of violet lends a slightly powdery undertone.

As the perfume evolves, the heart reveals a profound aroma of roses. This floral centerpiece is sweetly tempered by the presence of orange blossom, and slightly nuanced by the exotic scent of gardenia. This combination creates a vibrant, fresh, and gently sweet middle stage dominated by florals.

In the final stages, Rock 'n Rose mellow into a warm, lightly powdery base. Florentine iris creates a soft, velvety foundation, underpinned by the rich woody scent of sandalwood. The scent of vanilla adds a touch of sweetness, while the inclusion of heliotrope provides a delicate, almond-like aroma. Finally, the faintest hint of musk offers a touch of sensual depth to round off the fragrance. Overall, Rock 'n Rose is a delightful journey from fruity and green top notes, through a bouquet of florals, and down to a creamy, woody base.

Review of Rock 'n Rose

Valentino's Rock 'n Rose, released in 2006, can be best described as a charismatic bouquet of floral aromas with a touch of sweetness. It seems to be designed with a modern, strong woman in mind; the one who enjoys a bold, yet beautifully feminine scent. It's the kind of fragrance that easily transitions from a free-spirited day out in the city to a vibrant night out, making it a versatile choice for the woman on the go.

Although it is apparent that Rose is the star player in this blend, the initial burst of blackcurrant and bergamot creates a fresh, inviting opening. This freshness is quickly followed by the floral heart featuring rose and orange blossom, making it undeniably feminine. However, the sweetness isn't overpowering, as the scent is well-grounded with a warm, woody base of sandalwood and a hint of vanilla.

Rock 'n Rose truly shines in the spring, with its blooming floral notes resonating beautifully with the season. However, its light sweetness allows it to transition well into the summer months. While it can work in a variety of settings, it seems to be best suited for casual, leisurely scenarios.

As charming as Rock 'n Rose is, its longevity and sillage might not live up to expectations for some. It tends to stay closer to the skin, so those seeking a more pronounced scent trail might be left wanting. However, if you're looking for a subtler, intimate fragrance that makes a statement without being overpowering, Valentino's Rock 'n Rose might just tick all the right boxes.

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