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Valentina by Valentino

Valentina by Valentino
Gender: Women
Release date: 2011
Brand: Valentino

What Does Valentina Smell Like

Valentina by Valentino opens up with a refreshing hint of Calabrian bergamot, providing a light citrusy aroma that balances effortlessly with the earthy richness of white Alba truffle. It's a subtle start that paves the way for the floral and fruity heart of the fragrance. Here, the scent is dominated by a beautiful bouquet of tuberose and jasmine, lending a classic feminine touch, and is perfectly infused with the sweetness of woodland strawberries. The fruity undertones are soft and not overpowering, making the perfume feel fresh yet delicately sweet.

As it settles, Valentina reveals its base notes of amber and cedar. The warm amber scent adds a certain depth and complexity, while the cedar provides a mild, woody finish. It's a careful mix that strikes a balance between sweet and powdery without being too heavy. Overall, the perfume exudes a floral, sweet, and slightly powdery aroma that's lightened by its fruity and fresh notes. The final impression is an elegant scent that feels modern and chic, a testament to its namesake designer, Valentino.

Review of Valentina

Valentina by Valentino, launched in 2011, charms its wearer with an elegant bouquet of floral scents. The initial hint of sweetness blooms into a subtly powdery aroma, teasing the senses while remaining comfortably light. The playful fruity undertones dance around the primary floral theme, adding a dash of spontaneity. This scent then rounds off with a whisper of fresh, gourmand and oriental notes, making the fragrance interesting, without being overwhelming.

This perfume is decidedly perfect for women, and it brings forth thoughts of fresh spring blooms, making it an ideal choice for the warmer months. But don't let that limit you; the scent carries a versatility that blends seamlessly with the crisp air of fall. It's a scent that fits comfortably in the everyday bustle, whether you're going about your day-to-day or stepping into a business meeting. And as the day winds down, Valentina stays with you, subtly transforming into a comforting scent perfect for an evening out.

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