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Valentina Assoluto by Valentino

Valentina Assoluto by Valentino
Gender: Women
Release date: 2012
Perfumer: Olivier Cresp
Brand: Valentino

Key Notes of Valentina Assoluto

What Does Valentina Assoluto Smell Like

Valentina Assoluto by Valentino opens with a distinctive fruity aroma that carries a hint of tartness from the bergamot and a sweet, succulent undertone of ripe peach. There's an unexpected, exotic edge in the opening volley, a piquant earthiness that might just be the unique scent of truffle. As the fragrance settles, the floral heart of the perfume begins to unfold. A strong note of tuberose takes the lead, offering a rich, creamy smell that's intensified by a touch of sweet, aromatic jasmine. A hint of smooth, creamy vanilla complements the floral heart, rounding out the middle notes and softening the impact of the more robust flowers. As the perfume continues to evolve, it takes on a more grounded aroma. The base notes of patchouli and cedar introduce comforting woody undertones, while the oakmoss adds a cool, mossy smell, bringing a touch of nature to the overall composition. The base notes provide a compelling contrast to the sweet and floral top and middle notes, creating a perfume that is complex and dynamic.

Review of Valentina Assoluto

Valentina Assoluto by Valentino is a women's perfume that debuted in 2012. This perfume is a sophisticated blend that draws on many contrasting elements, making it a versatile option for women of diverse tastes and ages. Dominantly floral in nature, it's beautifully laced with sweet, powdery, and woody undertones. This makes for a scent profile that is both alluring and grounded.

The scent of this perfume is quite distinguished, with the prominent notes of peach and truffle in the mix. While not overpoweringly sweet, it's perfectly balanced with a hint of spice that is appealing to those who prefer a more adventurous scent. The perfume, however, falls a bit short in terms of persistence. The longevity is not its strongest suit, so for those who prefer a scent that would last all day, this might not be the best pick.

In terms of seasonality, Valentina Assoluto shines in the fall and winter months. Its sweet and woody undertones make it a comforting and warm choice for colder seasons. As for the occasion, this perfume is just as suitable for a night out as it is for daily wear. The versatility of this perfume means it can seamlessly transition from a leisurely day to a business setting or a night out.

Valentina Assoluto is certainly a noteworthy perfume, offering a unique bouquet that can cater to a woman's different moods and settings. However, its longevity may require a top-up throughout the day which could be a minor setback for some. Therefore, if you're after a distinctive yet versatile scent that doesn't compromise on complexity, Valentina Assoluto could be worth your consideration.

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