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Valentino Donna Acqua by Valentino

Valentino Donna Acqua by Valentino
Gender: Women
Release date: 2017
Perfumer: Sonia Constant
Brand: Valentino

Key Notes of Valentino Donna Acqua

What Does Valentino Donna Acqua Smell Like

Valentino Donna Acqua starts with a distinct, sweet aroma, tipping its hat to freshly cut green almonds. The initial sweetness is intertwined with a subtle hint of crisp pear that adds a hint of fruity freshness. Underlying these top notes is a whisper of rice, adding a soft, grounding graininess that is invitingly earthy.

As the scent begins to unfold, the floral heart of frangipani comes to the forefront. The frangipani, with its rich, tropical essence, creates a creamy, floral bouquet. Adding depth to the heart, the exotic scent of jasmine sambac weaves in next, bringing an intense, slightly sweet floral touch, while the hawthorn note remains almost in the background, infusing a light floral, slightly bittersweet edge.

As the perfume settles, the base notes reveal themselves. The benzoin lends a hint of sweet, slightly spicy vanilla undertone, which is beautifully intertwined with the scent of roasted tonka bean. The tonka bean adds an element of creamy, nutty warmth which is amplified by the subtle, woody note of sandalwood, rounding out the composition with a soft, creamy texture.

Overall, Valentino Donna Acqua delivers an indulging journey through a landscape of sweet, floral, and fruity aromas, with powdery and creamy undertones.

Review of Valentino Donna Acqua

Valentino Donna Acqua is a labor of love, as the Valentino brand has never been one to shy away from daring perfume compositions. It sets itself apart, featuring a more unconventional sweet and floral profile that doesn't adhere strictly to traditional feminine scents. With a dominant base of green almond and pear, it leans toward being a gourmand, yet the floral notes of frangipani and jasmine sambac beautifully counterbalance this, creating an invigorating blend that can be seen as an unexpected twist to the usual gourmand perfumes.

It's evident that Donna Acqua is designed for women who are not afraid to be different, with a scent that is just as distinct and versatile as they are. It has a strong appeal to those who favor a blend of sweet and floral elements in their perfume. The powdery undertones add a classic, elegant touch, while the freshness of it all ensures it doesn't come off as overpowering.

While it possesses a strong allure, Donna Acqua doesn't have the most impressive longevity. The scent doesn't linger as long as one might hope, which can be a bit of a letdown for those seeking a day-to-night perfume. Yet, this makes it a comfortable choice for everyday wear, perfect for leisure and daily routines.

The cyclical ebb and flow of Donna Acqua's scent is best experienced in spring and fall, where the fresh and sweet notes can truly shine. It's a perfume that dares to be different, and for the right woman, can be a magnificent addition to their collection. However, for those seeking more traditional scents or longevity, it may fall short.

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