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Princess by Vera Wang

Princess by Vera Wang
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Women
Release date: 2006
Brand: Vera Wang

What Does Princess Smell Like

Princess by Vera Wang opens with a sugary sweetness that stems from a mandarin meringue note, accompanied by a tangy dash of lady apple. You also get a subtle aquatic touch from the water lily, with a hint of ripe apricot adding a soft, sweet warmth to the mix. As the perfume begins to evolve, a distinct dark chocolate note appears, making things mildly gourmand and lusciously rich. This is combined with a dose of exotic pink guava and tiaré, both lending a tropical nuance to the perfume. The tuberose is quite subtle, merely adding a floral whisper. As it lands into the base, the perfume becomes slightly more gourmet with a satisfying sugar icing note, adding a sugary tone that feels like a sweet finale. Meanwhile, the amber brings in a warm, sensuous aspect, while the vanilla cake makes it cozy and comforting. The woods are hardly dominant but provide a slight grounding effect, keeping the perfume from becoming too saccharine. The end result is a perfume that feels sweet, fruity, and slightly floral with a powdery and gourmand underpinning.

Review of Princess

Princess by Vera Wang, released in 2006, is a playful and flirty Eau de Toilette that beckons the younger, feminine crowd. It's a perfume that whispers of springtime adventures, yet transitions well into the cozy, cooler months of fall and winter.

The scent opens up with a delightful blend of sweet and fruity elements, creating an enchanting olfactory experience. As the perfume settles, it leads you into a world of gourmet delights with subtle hints of dark chocolate and a touch of sugar icing. This composition feels like a whimsical journey through a fairy-tale garden, blooming with water lilies and apricots.

While it's an attractive scent for casual day-time wear, it doesn't shy away from being a suitable choice for a business setting or even an evening out. Its moderate longevity suggests that it might need a re-spritz throughout the day to keep the fragrance alive, but it's worth the extra sprays for the sensation it provides.

However, Princess is not all sugar, spice, and everything nice. It's not overly cloying, but those who prefer a fresh, airy perfume might find the sweetness a tad overwhelming. The sillage is modest, so it's not a scent that announces your presence from afar. Rather, it's a close encounter fragrance, alluring those within your intimate circle.

In terms of value, Vera Wang offers a good deal for this whimsical concoction. It's a fragrance that captures the essence of youthful femininity wrapped in a playful sweetness. While it might not suit everyone's taste, for those who appreciate a fruity-floral perfume with a hint of gourmand, Princess might just be your next signature scent.

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