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Eros Parfum by Versace

Eros Parfum by Versace
Gender: Men
Release date: 2021
Brand: Versace

Key Notes of Eros Parfum

What Does Eros Parfum Smell Like

Eros Parfum by Versace has a sweet and fresh beginning. This men's perfume leaves an immediate impression with its strong, juicy lemon scent, complemented by a zesty undertone of mandarin orange. A subtle hint of pepper adds a bit of intrigue, while the gentle trace of elemi resin gives a slightly exotic touch.

As the fragrance develops, the scent of sage comes to the forefront, providing a herbaceous vibe. The floral quality of geranium offers a contrast to the sage, softening its potency, while lavender adds a calming, soothing edge to the overall bouquet.

The perfume then subtly descends into a warm, comforting cocoon of benzoin, evoking a pleasingly sweet and somewhat spicy scent. The presence of cashmeran lends a woody, musk-like feel, giving the perfume a rich depth. The addition of vanilla brings a creamy sweetness that is tantalizing, without being overpowering. Patchouli is subtly detectable, bringing an earthy, slightly balsamic undertone, while vetiver wraps up the composition with its woody, smoky, and slightly citrusy note.

Eros Parfum by Versace is a complex but pleasing concoction, moving from fresh citrusy notes to sweet, resinous, and ultimately earthy, woody undertones.

Review of Eros Parfum

Versace's Eros Parfum, released in 2021, is a dominant force in the men's fragrance market. It appeals particularly to a mature audience, as well as younger wearers who appreciate its robust character. This scent is primarily a sweet, fresh blend with a distinct citrus undertone. There's an artificial note, which might be divisive, but it's overlaid with a fruity, spicy, and creamy melody that gives it depth and diversity.

It is a perfume that transitions well through the seasons, from the crisp freshness of spring to the cozy warmth of winter. The scent is robust enough to handle colder months, yet isn't overwhelming in the summer heat. The perfume is fitting for a variety of occasions, from a casual night out to a leisurely day off. However, its potency might not be the best fit for sports or business settings. While it offers good value, one must appreciate its bold, synthetic edge to truly enjoy it.

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