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Versace pour Femme Oud Oriental by Versace

Versace pour Femme Oud Oriental by Versace
Gender: Women
Release date: 2014
Brand: Versace

Key Notes of Versace pour Femme Oud Oriental

What Does Versace pour Femme Oud Oriental Smell Like

Versace pour Femme Oud Oriental by Versace opens with a strong wave of oriental rose that smells deep and rich, yet soft and mellow. This is beautifully intertwined with a striking note of saffron, adding a captivating spicy tint to the fragrance. Meanwhile, the hint of freesia brings a touch of lightness and freshness to the overall scent.

The heart of the perfume gradually unfolds the earthy tones of patchouli which blend harmoniously with the sweet, powdery aroma of violet. A faint whiff of heliotrope comes around, adding a subtle almond-like essence to the middle notes.

As the perfume settles down, the warm woodiness of sandalwood makes its presence known, infusing the fragrance with a creamy, milky aspect. This is playfully countered with the comforting sweetness of vanilla, leaving your senses indulged in a cozy, edible aroma. Interestingly, the perfume’s name notwithstanding, the oud note is virtually absent in the olfactory experience.

Overall, with its main oriental, floral, spicy, and sweet accords, Versace pour Femme Oud Oriental paints a vivid olfactory portrait that is richly rosy, warmly woody, and temptingly sweet. Its leathery undertones give it a bit of an edge, making it not just another floral perfume.

Review of Versace pour Femme Oud Oriental

Versace pour Femme Oud Oriental is an interesting choice for those who appreciate a bold and commanding aroma. Its main demographic seems to be women, who appreciate the distinctive blend of oriental and floral notes that give the fragrance its strong personality. This perfume is not for the faint-hearted; it demands attention and possesses a certain allure that is hard to ignore.

The perfume carries a dominant oriental scent, complemented by floral undertones. Standout notes such as the oriental rose and saffron contribute to its unique character, offering a spicy yet sweet profile that is enticing on a cool fall evening or a brisk winter day. This fragrance has more depth and complexity and is more suited to evenings or night outs, as opposed to daily wear.

Versace pour Femme Oud Oriental can be a bit overwhelming for those who prefer a more subtle scent. Its longevity is commendable, but it can be somewhat intrusive, given its strong sillage. In terms of value, it's a fair deal, considering it's a Versace perfume with a quite distinct scent.

While it might not be the best choice for everyday wear or for those who lean towards lighter, more casual fragrances, Versace pour Femme Oud Oriental might be a perfect fit for a woman who is confident and enjoys a scent that matches her bold personality. This fragrance is as much a statement piece as it is a perfume.

In conclusion, Versace pour Femme Oud Oriental is a daring and robust perfume, suited for women who aren't afraid to stand out and make a statement. It is a fragrance that demands respect and offers a unique aromatic experience.

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