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Bombshell by Victoria’s Secret

Bombshell by Victoria's Secret
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Women
Release date: 2010

What Does Bombshell Smell Like

Bombshell by Victoria's Secret opens with a bright, tangy scent that is unmistakably reminiscent of fresh Passion fruit. This vibrant start is softened by the sweet, juicy aroma of ripe strawberries, alongside the subtle tartness of Minneola tangelo, and a hint of tropical pineapple.

As this invigorating beginning fades, the heart of the perfume takes over with an array of red berries. This fruity zing is coupled with the gentle, sweet scent of lily of the valley, the subtle richness of vanilla orchid, and the delicate floral hint of jasmine. The resulting bouquet of scents creates a lush, floral heart with a subtly sweet undercurrent.

As the perfume dries down, the base notes of musk, blond woods, and oakmoss become apparent. The musk provides a warm, inviting undertone, while the blond woods and oakmoss lend a hint of earthy depth.

Overall, Bombshell by Victoria's Secret is a vibrant blend of citrus, sweet fruit, delicate florals, and earthy undertones. Its fruity opening, floral heart, and musky, woody base create a scent that is fresh, sweet, and subtly sensual.

Review of Bombshell

Bombshell by Victoria's Secret is a fragrance that appeals primarily to women, with a notable preference among younger users. This perfume captures the essence of summer with a nod towards spring, making it an ideal choice for those warm, sunny days. That being said, its versatility allows it to also be comfortably worn during the cooler months of fall.

The scent of Bombshell is an inviting mix of floral, fruity, and fresh. The dominant notes of passion fruit and strawberry lend it a youthful energy, while the hints of pineapple and Minneola tangelo add a uniquely tropical feel. This combination of elements results in a scent that is distinctively feminine and light-hearted, yet not overwhelmingly sweet.

In terms of longevity and sillage, Bombshell performs moderately well. It doesn't linger all day, but it does stay noticeable for a good portion of it. The sillage is not too strong, making it an appropriate choice for a variety of occasions from daily use to business settings and even sports events.

Despite its appealing scent and wide array of uses, Bombshell is not without its flaws. Some users might find the synthetic elements in its composition somewhat off-putting. Additionally, its longevity may not be impressive enough for those who prefer a fragrance that lasts throughout the day without re-application.

In terms of value for money, Bombshell does a decent job. It offers a charismatic and playful scent that can be worn in diverse contexts, all without breaking the bank. Overall, Bombshell by Victoria's Secret provides an enjoyable and mostly reliable fragrance experience, especially recommended for the young-at-heart.

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