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Good Fortune by Viktor & Rolf

Good Fortune by Viktor & Rolf
Gender: Women
Release date: 2022

Key Notes of Good Fortune

What Does Good Fortune Smell Like

Good Fortune by Viktor & Rolf begins with a pronounced aromatic kick from the fennel, lending a slightly sweet earthiness to the perfume. The gentian adds to this initial impression with its bitter floral nuance, complementing the fennel without overshadowing it. As the perfume evolves, the dominant note of jasmine emerges, introducing a strong heady floral aroma that is undeniably sweet, yet never cloying. The jasmine's natural intensity gives the perfume a lush, floral heart. Entwining with the jasmine is a discernible fruity aspect that adds to the sweetness without taking center stage, creating an almost juicy undertone. Towards the end, the perfume settles into a base dominated by bourbon vanilla. This note brings a rich, warm sweetness akin to caramelized sugar, adding an indulgent depth to the fragrance. The vanilla is well-blended and subtle, avoiding any overtly sugary connotations. On the whole, Good Fortune by Viktor & Rolf presents a bouquet that is both sweet and floral, containing a synthetic touch that adds a modern edge to the perfume, and a hint of green notes that gives it a fresh twist.

Review of Good Fortune

Good Fortune by Viktor & Rolf is an engaging perfume, releasing an aura that resonates with the spirit of both spring and fall. It's built for women who enjoy a sense of sweetness intertwined with floral undertones. This fragrance does not shy away from expressing its synthetic elements, creating a modern, and somewhat daring blend.

The longevity of Good Fortune is notable. It's the kind of scent that stays with you throughout the day, wafting around you as a constant reminder of your chosen fragrance. Yet, it's not overbearing, maintaining a moderate sillage that respects your personal space.

This perfume excels during leisurely moments or as a daily scent. Its sweet and floral core brings an air of relaxation and comfort, making it a fitting companion for casual outings or those regular office days. But don't let its daytime versatility fool you - it can hold its own during evening affairs or on a night out, adding a touch of playfulness to your presence.

The most prominent notes - jasmine and bourbon vanilla - add an interesting duality to this perfume. While the jasmine lends a light, floral charm, the bourbon vanilla introduces a rich, creamy contrast. This combination offers a unique scent profile that is both comforting and stimulating.

However, Good Fortune may disappoint those seeking a bold, dramatic fragrance impact. Its relative subtlety might not satiate those with a preference for potent or spicy scents. Moreover, its value proposition could be questioned as the scent, albeit pleasing, may not justify its price point for some. In conclusion, Good Fortune by Viktor & Rolf is a delightful choice for those seeking a sweet, floral scent with staying power for casual or daily wear.

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