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Spicebomb Night Vision by Viktor & Rolf

Spicebomb Night Vision by Viktor & Rolf
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Men
Release date: 2019

What Does Spicebomb Night Vision Smell Like

Spicebomb Night Vision by Viktor & Rolf opens up with a crisp and vibrant scent. The top notes instantly evoke the smell of a freshly bitten Granny Smith apple - tart and juicy. This is accompanied by the subtly sweet aroma of green cardamom and a light citrus tang of green mandarin orange.

As it settles on the skin, the fragrance takes a slightly spicy turn. The scent of black pepper makes its presence known but not overwhelmingly so. It's gently warmed up by the comforting smell of nutmeg, and a faint whisper of the clove, adding a hint of spiciness.

The perfume finally settles into its base notes that give it a comforting and mellow finish. The dominant scent is tonka bean absolute, which smells pleasantly sweet like a fresh batch of vanilla cookies, but more earthy and a bit bitter. This is intertwined with a generic woody aroma that adds a depth to the composition. The subtle scent of roasted almonds hangs in the background, adding a touch of warmth and a delicate sweetness.

Overall, Spicebomb Night Vision is a blend of sweet, spicy, and fresh aromas with a prominent fruity tone, all wrapped up in a comforting synthetic scent.

Review of Spicebomb Night Vision

Released by Viktor & Rolf in 2019, Spicebomb Night Vision is an eau de toilette designed primarily for men, embodying an undeniably masculine aura. This fragrance throws a lively punch of synthetic, sweet, and spicy notes, providing a dynamic scent profile. The initial impact of sweet fruitiness intertwines with bold spicy undertones, gradually revealing a fresh, woody base. This playful dance of aromas evokes an image of verdant forests at dusk, resonating well with the perfume's name.

Spicebomb Night Vision is versatile enough for year-round wear, but it comes into its element in the cool freshness of spring or the crisp air of fall. It's a suitable companion for leisurely outings or daily use, and its moderate longevity ensures it won't fade away too quickly, staying with you throughout the day or into your evening activities. With its moderate price point, this scent offers a reasonable choice for men seeking a vibrant, masculine fragrance.

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