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Basilico & Fellini by Vilhelm Parfumerie

Basilico & Fellini by Vilhelm Parfumerie
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2017

Key Notes of Basilico & Fellini

What Does Basilico & Fellini Smell Like

Basilico & Fellini by Vilhelm Parfumerie is a scent that simultaneously speaks to nature's luscious green vitality and the complex dance of sweet and spicy. Upon the first encounter, the scent immediately awakens the senses with a clear and vivid basil aroma, surrounded by an intriguingly unique, mildly sweet hint of dragon fruit. This initial brightness gradually gives way to a sumptuously ripe fig scent, adding a compelling depth to the fragrance. This lush, juicy aura is offset by a subtle undercurrent of violet, infusing the blend with a light floral touch that is both understated and elegant. The perfume completes its aromatic journey with the earthy grounding of vetiver, intertwined with a faint whisper of green hay. This combination creates a scent that is reminiscent of a sun-warmed meadow, further enhancing the perfume's natural and fresh character. In essence, Basilico & Fellini offers a scent experience that is vividly green, delightfully fresh, subtly spicy, and contrasted with just the right amount of sweet fruit and floral notes.

Review of Basilico & Fellini

Basilico & Fellini by Vilhelm Parfumerie is undeniably a fascinating creation. The perfume captures the spirit of both genders in an engaging way, with a slight inclination toward more mature wearers. The essence of its allure lies in the adventurous interplay of green, fresh and fruity tones, which come together to create a scent profile that is playful, vibrant and unapologetically bold.

The perfume is certainly more suited for the warmer months of the year, with its invigorating green and fresh notes that seem to come alive in the summer and spring. It effortlessly recreates the feeling of sun-soaked days spent outdoors, making it a great companion for leisure activities and casual daily wear.

However, its sillage and longevity might not be as impressive as some might expect. While it does make a statement, its soft whisper can sometimes get lost in the crowd. This might limit its suitability for larger gatherings or night out events, but it can work wonderfully in more intimate or business settings.

Basilico & Fellini also demonstrates a level of complexity that extends beyond its top notes of basil and dragon fruit. The perfume’s heart and base introduce the unexpected duo of fig and violet, and a grounding note of vetiver and green hay, adding a surprising twist to the overall experience.

In terms of value, it could be argued that the perfume is a bit of an investment. However, for those seeking a scent that breaks away from traditional definitions, this mix of freshness, spiciness and subtle sweetness could be an invigorating addition to their perfume collection.

In conclusion, Basilico & Fellini is not a perfume for everyone, but its unique charm and spirit might just make it the perfect match for some.

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