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Gold Collection - II Sahara by Widian

Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2016
Brand: Widian

Key Notes of Gold Collection - II Sahara

What Does Gold Collection - II Sahara Smell Like

Gold Collection - II Sahara by Widian is a unisex perfume that perfectly blends together a rich array of oriental, resinous, spicy, sweet, and floral accords. The scent opens with a dominant hint of elemi resin, which lends a warm, earthy aroma to the mix. This is complemented by the tangy, citrusy aroma of orange and the slightly bitter, exotic spice of saffron.

As the fragrance develops, the heart showcases a prominent and intoxicating orange blossom note, which provides a sweet, floral touch to the scent. This is paired beautifully with the classic, romantic aroma of rose, lending a soft, elegant layer to the composition.

The base of this perfume is anchored by a warm, sensual amber note, which imparts a resinous, sweet depth to the fragrance. This is further enhanced by the woody, slightly smoky scent of cedar, the subtle, animalistic aroma of musk, and a touch of sweet, cozy vanilla. Together, these elements create a well-rounded, inviting, and luxurious fragrance that is perfect for those who appreciate a complex and elegant scent experience.

Review of Gold Collection - II Sahara

Gold Collection - II Sahara by Widian is a unisex perfume that was released in 2016. This delightful fragrance is well-suited for both men and women, making it a great choice for those seeking a versatile scent. The formulation delivers a pleasing blend of oriental and resinous notes, with a touch of spice and sweetness. You will also detect hints of floral, woody, creamy, and fruity aromas.

This perfume is perfect for the fall and winter seasons, as the warm and cozy scents will envelop you during the colder months. However, it can also be worn during the spring, as its floral notes offer a touch of freshness. Summer wear is possible, but the scent may become too intense in the heat.

Ideal for evening occasions and nights out, Gold Collection - II Sahara will make you feel elegant and poised. Its leisurely appeal also lends itself well to casual daytime wear. However, this fragrance may not be the best choice for business settings, as its sensual nature might be too overpowering.

Gold Collection - II Sahara has a good longevity and moderate sillage, ensuring that the scent lingers without being overwhelming. However, the perfume's value rating leaves room for improvement, meaning that it may not be the most affordable option on the market.

In conclusion, Gold Collection - II Sahara by Widian is a versatile unisex fragrance perfect for those who love oriental, resinous, and spicy scents with a touch of sweetness. Its suitability for both men and women, as well as various occasions and seasons, make it a great addition to any perfume collection.

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