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Sapphire Collection - New York by Widian

Sapphire Collection - New York by Widian
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2019
Brand: Widian

Key Notes of Sapphire Collection - New York

What Does Sapphire Collection - New York Smell Like

The Sapphire Collection - New York by Widian wastes no time in introducing you to its vibrant personality. From the first whiff, you're greeted by the citrusy freshness of mandarin orange, subtly heightened by bergamot and punctuated with a hint of crisp lemon. This is not a shy introduction, but a confident note that paves the way for the heart of the perfume.

As the initial citrusy notes gently fade, a warmer, sweeter aroma arises, defined by indulgent caramel. This sweetness is skillfully intertwined with the classic scent of rose, creating a calming floral backdrop. Alongside this, the subtle presence of iris and jasmine add a layer of complexity and depth to the bouquet. Underneath it all, a whisper of earthy patchouli adds a touch of the exotic.

Finally, the perfume settles into its base notes. The bold aroma of tobacco emerges, lending a rich, slightly smoky undertone. This is beautifully contrasted with the sweetness of tonka bean, the clean scent of white musk, and the comforting warmth of vanilla. To round it off, vetiver imparts a grassy, woody finish that grounds the whole experience, ensuring this unisex perfume is a memorable sensory journey from start to finish.

Review of Sapphire Collection - New York

Sapphire Collection - New York by Widian is a vibrant scent, balancing a sweet, floral tone with a touch of creaminess. Its bouquet suggests a hint of fruitiness with a subtle spicy undertone that adds depth. The woodsy and oriental notes, though quieter, lend an element of warmth, finished with a gourmand twist that makes it truly interesting. It has a robust staying power that will last through the day or night, casting an alluring trail that is noticeable but not overbearing. While it's suited to all genders, it has a slight lean towards men, making it perfect for those who prefer their scent to have a bit of an edge. Most effective during the fall and winter, it can comfortably transition into spring. It's ideal for a night out or an evening event but can also be worn for leisure activities. It may not be your typical everyday scent, but it's definitely worth considering for those special occasions.

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