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Amber Gold by XerJoff

Amber Gold by XerJoff
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2019
Brand: XerJoff

What Does Amber Gold Smell Like

Amber Gold by XerJoff envelops you in its sweet, floral, and oriental scent when you first smell it. The perfume opens with a distinct note of coriander and a softer undertone of tangerine that adds a zesty freshness to the scent. As it begins to settle, the main heart of the perfume comes forward, dominated by the intense aroma of orange blossom. This is gently softened by the almond blossom's subtle floral sweetness, and the scent is enriched by the subtle undertone of tobacco flower, which lends an exotic twist to the perfume's floral heart.

The perfume gradually resolves into its base notes. Patchouli's earthy scent comes through strongly, grounding the fragrance with its robust and woody character. This is contrasted by a faint touch of musk, which adds a certain depth to the fragrance without overpowering the other notes. The resinous accord weaves through the entire perfume, creating a warm, exotic backdrop against which the other notes unfold. Overall, Amber Gold by XerJoff has a rich, full-bodied scent profile, enhancing its oriental character with the unique blend of floral and spicy notes.

Review of Amber Gold

Amber Gold by XerJoff, launched in 2019, is a delightful unisex perfume that you can't ignore. The scent leans towards the sweet and floral side with a hint of spiciness that makes it stand out. With a touch of oriental and resinous undertones, it is a veritable feast for the senses. Creamy, woody, and fruity aroma layers add complexity, delivering a well-rounded scent profile that's hard to resist.

Most suitable for fall and winter, Amber Gold truly shines during the colder seasons. Its warm, inviting aroma is like a cozy, plush blanket on a chilly evening. However, it doesn't shy away from spring either, offering a pleasant, comforting presence. It is less geared towards summer, but a daring user might find it an interesting contrast to the conventional summer scents.

In terms of occasion, Amber Gold is a faithful companion for your night outs and evening gatherings, adding an extra dash of allure and mystery. That said, it can also be a pleasant surprise during leisurely activities, offering a sense of luxury and relaxation. It's less suited for daily use or business settings, where its distinctiveness might be less appreciated.

The longevity of Amber Gold is commendable, which means you won't have to worry about reapplying it throughout the day. Its sillage is also sufficient to make an impression without being overwhelming. However, considering its price, it might not be the best option if you're looking for a budget-friendly fragrance.

In conclusion, Amber Gold is a versatile and interesting perfume. There's a robustness to it that can't go unnoticed, making it a great pick if you're looking to make a statement. However, it might not be everyone's cup of tea, particularly for those who prefer lighter, fresher fragrances.

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