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CoExistence by XerJoff

CoExistence by XerJoff
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2021
Brand: XerJoff

What Does CoExistence Smell Like

CoExistence by XerJoff is a fascinating unisex perfume that opens with the peppy and citrusy aroma of bergamot. This initial scent lingers and gently introduces the heart of the perfume which is decidedly floral. Here, the sweet and slightly apricot-like scent of osmanthus takes center stage, expertly blending with the rich, honey-like fragrance of Indian damask rose. Alongside these, there's a subtle presence of jasmine absolute, offering a hint of a warm, exotic floral scent that is intensely sweet yet not overpowering.

As the perfume settles, it leads us to an intriguing base. The comforting and creamy scent of vanilla is fairly noticeable, lending a sugary-sweet finish that wraps around the other notes. This sweet creaminess is juxtaposed with a distinct accord of Cambodian oud. The oud renders an earthy, woody, and slightly balsamic element to the perfume, giving it a compelling character while maintaining a sense of finesse. Overall, CoExistence by XerJoff offers a floral, synthetic, sweet, fruity, and fresh fragrance journey that intrigues and pleases the senses.

Review of CoExistence

CoExistence by XerJoff, launched in 2021, is an interesting perfume that equally appeals to both men and women. Although it's a unisex fragrance, it has a slightly stronger inclination towards a male audience. The scent is a vivid blend of floral, synthetic, and sweet notes, with a hint of fruity freshness. It is a symphony of flower gardens, with a soft sweetness reminiscent of fruit orchards, grounded by a modern synthetic edge.

The whiff of bergamot at the beginning is a lively hello, followed by a heart of osmanthus, Indian damask rose, and jasmine absolute. This exquisite bouquet is rounded off with a base of vanilla and Cambodian oud. Although the oud is not dominant, it subtly imparts depth to the fragrance.

This scent shines in the spring season, bringing to mind the blossoming of flowers, although it also works well in the summer and fall. In winter, its warmth and depth are comforting, making it a versatile perfume for all seasons.

For occasions, it suits leisure activities and daily use, and even a night out. It feels gentle and calm for regular use yet has an undeniable charisma when worn at parties. However, the fragrance may not be as fitting for sporty occasions or professional settings due to its floral dominance.

The longevity of the fragrance is impressive, sticking around for a good length of time. Sillage is decent, it won't fill a room, but people close to you will surely notice it.

The main shortcoming lies in its value. The pricing is on the higher side, which may be a deterrent for some. Nevertheless, it is a well-made, appealing scent worth considering if you're looking for a unisex fragrance with a floral character.

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