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MV Agusta by XerJoff

MV Agusta by XerJoff
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2020
Brand: XerJoff

Key Notes of MV Agusta

What Does MV Agusta Smell Like

MV Agusta by XerJoff opens with a bold hit of spicy clove that almost overwhelms the sensory palette, yet a whisper of bergamot offers a citrusy relief. The initial intensity gradually gives way to the smoky and exotic heart of the fragrance. Frankincense dominates the middle with its ancient, smoky aroma, while ylang-ylang contributes a sweet, floral note. The suggestive aroma of tonka bean adds a touch of earthy sweetness to the aromatic profile.

As the perfume settles on the skin, the base notes come into play, taking the wearer on a sensory tour of a well-oiled leather workshop. The potent scent of leather creates a robust and masculine backdrop, while sandalwood adds a creamy, woody scent that interplays beautifully with the smoothness of suede. The musk lends a warm, animalistic quality to the scent, and the subtle hint of patchouli adds an earthy undertone, completing the aromatic profile of this complex unisex perfume. The end result is a vivid olfactory portrait that's reminiscent of a long drive on a vintage motorcycle, with elements of spice, smoke, florals, and resins playing off of each other in a gritty, memorable dance.

Review of MV Agusta

MV Agusta by XerJoff is a perfume that is unapologetically bold and audacious. Released in 2020, it has carved a niche for itself with its ability to capture the spirit of adventure, a trait most relatable to its prominent audience of men. This unisex perfume, however, doesn’t shy away from satisfying the olfactory senses of women who like a touch of audacity in their scents.

The most striking feature of MV Agusta is its longevity - making it a perfume that promises to be your companion for a whole day, and well into the night. It does not just fade away, rather it lingers, leaving a trail of an intense and charismatic scent that is hard to overlook.

The scent profile is heavily leathery, spiked with a kick of spicy tones that add an edge to the overall experience. The smoky undertones add an element of mystery while the resinous, floral, and earthy notes bring a balance, preventing the scent from becoming too overwhelming.

Despite its strong personality, MV Agusta is versatile. It can accompany you to an important business meeting, making you feel confident and assertive. At the same time, it can also be your perfect companion for a casual night out, adding to your charisma.

That said, MV Agusta is decidedly a perfume for cooler months, finding its full expression in the crisp air of fall and the chilly breezes of winter. It might feel a bit overpowering in the heat of the summer, and thus, might not be the best pick for those who live in warmer climates.

The value proposition of MV Agusta by XerJoff might be a sticking point for some. It is a premium perfume with a price tag that might dissuade budget-conscious buyers. But, for those who value quality and are willing to invest in a scent that is a clear standout, MV Agusta is worth considering.

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