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Nero70 by XerJoff

Nero70 by XerJoff
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2020
Brand: XerJoff

What Does Nero70 Smell Like

Nero70 by XerJoff opens up with a bold, noticeable citrus smell promptly suggesting the scent of ripe Sicilian citrus fruits mingling with the zestier note of Calabrian bergamot. There's a mild, floral undertone of lavender accompanying the citrus, adding a slightly aromatic layer to the initial scent profile. As the perfume starts to settle, the presence of neroli becomes more prominent, imparting a lush, orange blossom-like aroma that adds a floral essence to the dominant citrus blend. The scent then evolves, transitioning to a creamy, sweet base as the smell of Bourbon vanilla comes to the fore. The vanilla note is rich and warm, evoking the aroma of a fine custard or a premium vanilla ice cream. Tucked away underneath, the final stages of the fragrance reveal a subtle hint of amber and musk. The amber adds a mild, honey-like sweetness while the musk imparts an earthy, animalistic tone. The overall smell of Nero70 can be described as a citrus-forward fragrance with a sweet, creamy progression that ends on a subtly earthy note.

Review of Nero70

Nero70 by XerJoff, launched in 2020, is a fragrance that defies convention. Unisex in design, it has a broader appeal for men, though its appeal is not gender-exclusive. Its scent, brimming with a bold citrus flair, is fresh yet warm, a paradox that works surprisingly well. The sweetness, creaminess, and hint of spice add depth to the overall composition. Its fruity undertone, though less noticeable, leaves a lingering hint of intrigue.

This perfume thrives in the fall and spring seasons, where its fresh citrus and sweet creamy notes harmonize beautifully with the transitional weather. Nevertheless, it displays a surprising versatility, retaining its charm during the hotter months and even into the colder winter days.

Lavishly suited for night-outs, Nero70 by XerJoff creates a memorable impression. It's also a fitting companion for business or leisure activities, adding a touch of confidence during the day or a dash of allure in the evening. Its projection is moderate but noticeable, and its longevity is respectable, faithfully accompanying you from dusk till dawn.

However, it's not without its shortcomings. Its value for money is slightly questionable, given its performance. Also, the perfume could benefit from a bit more diversity in its scent profile.

In conclusion, Nero70 by XerJoff is a fragrance that straddles the line between bold and subtle, traditional and modern. It's a perfume that feels familiar yet remains pleasantly surprising with every spray. It's a scent that invites curiosity and rewards the adventurous.

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