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Shooting Stars - Oesel by XerJoff

Shooting Stars - Oesel by XerJoff
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2009
Perfumer: Richard Melchio
Brand: XerJoff

What Does Shooting Stars - Oesel Smell Like

Shooting Stars - Oesel by XerJoff starts with a noticeable orange blossom scent that stands out prominently, with a zesty hint of lemon mingled with a slightly woody undertone from the Paraguayan petigrain. This creates a vibrant and energetic first impression.

As the perfume transitions to its heart, the floral aspect of the scent intensifies. A prominent note of acacia ups the sweetness, while the jasmine sambac adds a slightly exotic twist to the blend. A hint of Bulgarian rose can be sensed, adding an extra layer of depth and character to the overall bouquet.

The base of the perfume reveals a more grounded and earthy nature. The cedarwood note asserts itself with a certain dryness, counterbalanced by the floral aura of the tobacco flower. The patchouli infuses an earthy mystique into the blend, subtly enhancing the scent's overall richness. To wrap up this olfactory journey, a hint of amber adds a slight touch of warmth, rounding out the perfume's scent profile with a sweet and resinous finish.

In summary, Shooting Stars - Oesel by XerJoff is a floral-sweet scent with powdery, spicy, and fresh nuances. It ebbs and flows between vibrant citrus notes, intensely sweet florals, and warm, earthy undertones.

Review of Shooting Stars - Oesel

Shooting Stars - Oesel by XerJoff delivers an invigorating blend of floral and sweet notes with a hint of spiciness that makes it stand out. This unisex fragrance has a notable powdery undertone, complemented by fresh, woody, and citrus elements. It's a scent that can transition well from a lively spring day to a cool fall evening. Its longevity ensures that you leave a memorable impression, while its moderate sillage creates a pleasant atmosphere wherever you go.

While this fragrance can be worn at any time, it shines brightest during the evening, making it a great companion for a night out or a relaxed weekend escapade. It's also a solid option for everyday use or for business situations where you want to exude a distinct, memorable aura. Despite its slightly higher pricing, the quality of the fragrance justifies the investment. So if you're seeking a scent that's both floral and sweet, yet daringly spicy, Oesel is well worth considering.

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