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Oud Stars - Alexandria III by XerJoff

Oud Stars - Alexandria III by XerJoff
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2019
Brand: XerJoff

Key Notes of Oud Stars - Alexandria III

What Does Oud Stars - Alexandria III Smell Like

Oud Stars - Alexandria III by XerJoff is a unisex perfume that offers a rich and fascinating blend of oriental, woody, floral, spicy, and sweet scents. Upon first encounter, the top notes greet you with a gentle waft of soft lavender, subtly intertwined with warm hints of cinnamon and a slight touch of rosewood. This creates an inviting and soothing introduction to the fragrance.

As the perfume transitions to its heart, the middle notes introduce a prominent, full-bodied Bulgarian rose aroma, harmoniously combined with the earthy undertones of cedarwood. The delicate scent of lily of the valley peeks through, adding a touch of lightness and freshness to the composition.

In the base, the true star of the fragrance emerges: the potent and alluring double dose of Thai and Laotian oud. These provide a deep, exotic, and luxurious foundation for the perfume. The amber adds a rich warmth, while smooth vanilla gives a subtle sweetness. The base is completed by the addition of velvety sandalwood and a hint of musk, lending a sense of balance and depth to the entire olfactory experience.

Overall, Oud Stars - Alexandria III showcases a complex yet harmonious interplay of various scents, creating a truly remarkable and memorable fragrance.

Review of Oud Stars - Alexandria III

Oud Stars - Alexandria III by XerJoff, released in 2019, is an alluring unisex perfume that expertly blends oriental and woody notes with hints of floral, spicy, and sweet aromas, creating a distinctive and memorable scent. It is most suitable for men, but also appeals to women with its balanced, harmonious composition.

The perfume features a rich, opulent character that is well-suited for fall and winter seasons, making it perfect for those who enjoy a more robust fragrance during the colder months. As the scent unfolds, it reveals a creamy and slightly animalistic undertone, which is complemented by the resonant and warm notes of the perfume's base.

In terms of occasions, Alexandria III is ideal for night outs and evening events, as it provides an air of elegance and allure that elevates the wearer's presence. It can also be worn during leisure times, adding an extra touch of luxury to your everyday experiences. However, its bold and intense nature might not be the best choice for daily wear or business settings.

The lasting power of this perfume is notable, as it lingers on the skin for a generous amount of time, making it a valuable addition to any fragrance collection. However, its high price point may make it more suitable for those who appreciate investing in a truly memorable and captivating scent.

In summary, Oud Stars - Alexandria III by XerJoff is a luxurious, alluring, and memorable unisex perfume that excels in creating an opulent atmosphere for night outs and evening events during the fall and winter seasons.

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