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Oud Stars - Alexandria Orientale by XerJoff

Oud Stars - Alexandria Orientale by XerJoff
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2018
Brand: XerJoff

Key Notes of Oud Stars - Alexandria Orientale

What Does Oud Stars - Alexandria Orientale Smell Like

At first whiff, Oud Stars - Alexandria Orientale by XerJoff announces its presence with a crisp green apple aroma, mingling subtly with the warm, aromatic scent of Omani frankincense. A hint of fresh basil and a muted leather essence add a surprising charm to the top notes.

As the fragrance begins to settle, it's the earthy Virginia cedar that steps to the forefront, adding a robust, woody core to the perfume. The cedar is gently supplemented by the spicy warmth of coriander and the refined, sweet scent of Bulgarian rose. There's also a soft whisper of Italian iris, a gentle note that doesn't dominate but adds complexity.

In the dry-down, the blend veers towards the exotic and opulent. A rich amber scent, paired with the deep, resinous aroma of Malayan oud, brings a distinct oriental character. Bourbon vanilla and Indian sandalwood contribute a creamy sweetness, while the musk adds a sensual undercurrent. A final note of tobacco leaf weaves in and out, grounding the fragrance with an earthy, slightly smoky scent.

Overall, Oud Stars - Alexandria Orientale is a scent journey, from bright and aromatic to deep and sensual, shadowed by a constant warmth and spiciness.

Review of Oud Stars - Alexandria Orientale

Oud Stars - Alexandria Orientale by XerJoff is a scent that speaks to the heart of those who love a good, classic perfume. Its woody overtone, laced with oriental and spicy hints, creates a warm aura reminiscent of wintry evenings by a crackling fireplace. The distinct smell of animal and leather notes adds depth, making it a strong, robust and full-bodied fragrance, while sweet, smoky, resinous, and creamy accents add a layer of complexity and intrigue. This is a scent that lingers; it's defiant and hard to forget. Although it's unisex, its bold character echoes a masculine authority. Suited for cooler weather and best worn during evening events or a night out, it's a perfume that's sure to leave an impression. However, its longevity might make it a little overpowering for daily or business use. For those who value a rich, deep, and lingering fragrance, Oud Stars - Alexandria Orientale is a solid choice.

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