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Oud Stars - Indochine by XerJoff

Oud Stars - Indochine by XerJoff
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2013
Brand: XerJoff

Key Notes of Oud Stars - Indochine

What Does Oud Stars - Indochine Smell Like

The initial waft of Oud Stars - Indochine by XerJoff is playful and invigorating, predominantly featuring the fruity scent of fresh strawberries, gently underpinned by the tang of Brazilian oranges. There is a hint of spicy pink pepper that adds a lively touch, while the airy, floral scent of freesia adds a delicate sense of freshness.

As the top notes start to recede, the floral heart of the fragrance comes into focus. The sweet, romantic aroma of Bulgarian roses is evident, intertwined with the lush, soft scent of peonies. There's a subtle undertone of the dewy scent of lily of the valley that adds a soft, green freshness to the overall floral bouquet.

As the fragrance settles, the seductive depth of the fragrance finally unfolds. The unmistakable, rich scent of oud is prominent, adding a touch of exotic wilderness. Yet, it's smoothly blended with the sweet, cozy aroma of bourbon vanilla, which brings in a warm sensuous undercurrent. The addition of musk at the base brings an animalistic trait to the composition, yet it assists in grounding the scent without overpowering the overall fragrance profile. Oud Stars - Indochine has a scent that gently shifts from a fruity-floral breeze to a rich, oriental caress. It's a journey through scents that's both thrilling and comforting.

Review of Oud Stars - Indochine

XerJoff's Oud Stars - Indochine is a compelling unisex perfume that doesn't shy away from bold choices. Its appeal is clear from the first whiff, embodying a distinct fruity accent that's hard to ignore. The presence of strawberry is given a tangy twist by a touch of Brazilian orange, creating a playful yet mature olfactory atmosphere.

The perfume is ideally suited to those who appreciate a scent that lingers, with a particularly strong longevity. It leaves a memorable trail, hinting towards an intriguing blend of oriental and animalistic scents. Yet, it manages to maintain a touch of sweetness, keeping the overall profile approachable.

While the perfume has an undeniable allure for both genders, it seems to resonate slightly more with men. Its woody undertones, underscored by the unmistakable hint of oud, project a solid masculine vibe. Nevertheless, its floral notes, especially the Bulgarian rose, ensure that it doesn't alienate the ladies.

Despite Indochine's considerable charms, it does have its limitations. Its rich blend might prove too overwhelming for a casual daytime setting, coming into its own more during the evening hours or on a special night out. It truly shines during the cooler seasons, finding a perfect home amidst the crisp air of fall or the refreshing chill of winter.

In the value department, Indochine is not a budget fragrance. However, its unique blend and long-lasting sillage make it worth considering for those looking for a scent that stands out from the crowd. All in all, XerJoff's Oud Stars - Indochine brings an appealing twist to traditional perfume composition, making it a worthy addition to your fragrance collection.

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