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Shooting Stars - Apollonia by XerJoff

Shooting Stars - Apollonia by XerJoff
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2019
Brand: XerJoff

Key Notes of Shooting Stars - Apollonia

What Does Shooting Stars - Apollonia Smell Like

Shooting Stars - Apollonia by XerJoff is a unisex perfume that offers a beautiful blend of floral, powdery, creamy, sweet, and fresh scents. Upon the first encounter with this perfume, your senses are greeted with a burst of white blossoms, imparting a gentle and soft floral aroma that is both comforting and welcoming. These delicate floral notes create an inviting atmosphere and are the most prominent in the composition.

As the fragrance begins to evolve, the middle note of orris butter emerges, providing a touch of earthy and powdery essence to the perfume. This subtle hint of orris butter grounds the floral aspects and adds a creamy smoothness to the overall scent.

Lingering in the base of the fragrance is the scent of white musk. This particular note is more dominant than the orris butter, and it imparts a clean, slightly sweet, and calming effect on the perfume. The white musk melds perfectly with the floral and powdery aspects, resulting in a well-rounded and harmonious aroma.

In summary, Shooting Stars - Apollonia by XerJoff is a delightful unisex fragrance that beautifully combines floral, powdery, creamy, sweet, and fresh elements. The dominant white blossoms, supported by the subtle orris butter and more prominent white musk, create a balanced and soothing scent that can be enjoyed by all.

Review of Shooting Stars - Apollonia

Shooting Stars - Apollonia by XerJoff, released in 2019, is a unisex perfume that leans slightly more towards the feminine side. This floral and powdery fragrance offers an interesting blend of creamy, sweet, and fresh notes, making it an ideal choice for various occasions and settings.

Primarily a springtime scent, Apollonia can also be worn during fall and summer, with some versatility for winter. Its composition makes it suitable for leisure activities, daily wear, and business environments, as well as nights out and evening events. The fragrance envelops the wearer in a gentle, floral embrace with a touch of powdery softness that is both comforting and elegant.

The creamy aspect of the scent adds a luxurious, smooth quality that is further enhanced by the subtle sweetness. The fresh notes provide a light, uplifting balance, preventing the fragrance from becoming too heavy or cloying. Despite its predominantly floral and powdery nature, Apollonia remains easy on the senses, making it a lovely choice for those who prefer a more subtle scent.

In terms of longevity, Shooting Stars - Apollonia has a moderate staying power, while its sillage remains relatively close to the wearer. This prevents the fragrance from being too overpowering in close quarters. As a XerJoff creation, Apollonia is a beautiful addition to any perfume collection, offering a pleasing and elegant floral experience.

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