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Wardasina by XerJoff

Wardasina by XerJoff
Gender: Women
Release date: 2012
Brand: XerJoff

What Does Wardasina Smell Like

Wardasina by XerJoff is a rich, heady fragrance that opens with a refreshing burst of herbal notes, hinting at a garden after a summer rain. It doesn't take long before the heart of the perfume emerges, a bouquet of Bulgarian rose, its floral effervescence intertwined with the exotic spice of Spanish saffron. Patchouli adds an earthy dimension to this blend, grounding the floral and spice with a sensual woody depth. A hint of smoked cedar and vetiver adds a touch of the woods, their smoky, earthy aroma subtly woven in.

As it settles on your skin, the beauty of Wardasina blossoms further. Warm, comforting musk underscores the composition, creating a smooth, velvety backdrop. The surprising element of tobacco adds an intriguing twist, its smoky, slightly sweet scent playing wonderfully against the classic vanilla. The vanilla, although not dominant, softly wraps the other notes with its creamy sweetness, harmonising the varied elements into a beautiful symphony of scents.

Wardasina is all about the balance of contrasts - floral and woody, soft and smoky, sweet and spicy. It's like a sensorial journey through an enchanting oriental garden, where every scent is in perfect harmony with the other.

Review of Wardasina

The Wardasina by XerJoff, released in 2012, is a real treat for those who have a penchant for bold, complex fragrances. This perfume is predominantly designed for women and leans heavily towards the mature side. Evoking the cool days of fall and winter, it paints a picture of tranquility and composure.

The perfume boldly asserts itself with a woody and floral fusion that is subtly complemented by spicy undertones. As it settles, you catch a hint of oriental and resinous notes that add an unexpected, but pleasing depth to the aroma. A smoky, sweet finish brings an earthy balance to this robust perfume, preventing it from being too overpowering.

Although Wardasina is perfect for an evening out or a leisurely night, it's not too overpowering for daily wear. However, its strong sillage and lasting power mean it should be used sparingly. Despite its premium price, this perfume offers good value, given its complex scent profile and impressive durability.

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