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Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent
Concentration: Eau de Parfum Intense
Gender: Women
Release date: 2019

What Does Black Opium Smell Like

Black Opium perfume by Yves Saint Laurent is a luxurious concoction that opens with a distinct absence of Absinth and Boysenberry, leaving plenty of room for the heart and base notes to shine. The middle notes soon emerge, primarily dominated by the lush, intoxicating scent of Jasmine sambac absolute, enhanced subtly with a whisper of Orange blossom that adds a tantalizing hint of freshness. However, it's the base notes that truly define this fragrance. The strong, aromatic scent of coffee is its most pronounced characteristic, evoking a rich, dark, and inviting aroma. Coupled with the warming, sensual tones of Sandalwood and the sweetness of Vanilla absolute, it creates an overall scent profile that's oriental and gourmand, yet distinctly floral. The spice adds a layer of depth and intrigue, perfectly offsetting the sweetness and oriental notes, resulting in a perfume that is as complex and mysterious as it is undeniably appealing. With its symphony of sweet, floral, gourmand, oriental, and spicy aromas, Black Opium is a fragrance that tantalizes the senses and leaves a lasting impression.

Review of Black Opium

Black Opium Intense by Yves Saint Laurent is a bold, alluring fragrance designed primarily for women. Its rich and seductive scent profile is particularly enchanting, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer their perfume to leave a lasting impression.

Its scent is predominantly sweet, showcased by gourmand elements that give it a deliciously indulgent feel. These sweet notes, combined with floral and oriental hints, create a unique blend that stands out in a crowded room, making it ideal for evenings and night outs. Despite its intensity, this perfume isn't overwhelming, thanks to the underlying creaminess that softens its overall character. This balance ensures that while it's distinctive, it won't overpower your presence.

The most appealing aspect of Black Opium Intense is its longevity. This perfume will stay with you throughout your busiest days, making it a perfect partner for those who want their fragrance to last as long as they do. While the majority of users are women, this scent does not discriminate and can be worn by anyone who appreciates a bold, sweet, and floral perfume.

However, its intense composition might not appeal to everyone. For those who prefer a lighter, fresher fragrance, especially for day-to-day wear, you might find this a little too heavy. Similarly, its prominent sweetness might not be to everyone's taste. Despite these potential drawbacks, Black Opium Intense remains a robust, captivating choice for those in search of a perfume that leaves a memorable impression.

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