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Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Women
Release date: 2015

What Does Black Opium Smell Like

Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent opens with a vibrant, juicy aroma. The scent of ripe pears is at the forefront, creating an inviting, sweet aroma, while the blackcurrant introduces a touch of tangy aroma that adds complexity. There is a subtle hint of citrusy freshness peeking through, joined by a faint whisper of green mandarin orange zest that gives a subtle twist.

As the initial sweetness subsides, the second wave kicks in. The scent of coffee is bold and clear, offering a dark, comforting aroma that blends seamlessly with the delicate floral aroma of orange blossom. The jasmine tea note lends a soft, mellow warmth, its floral sweetness providing a nice counterpoint to the strong coffee aroma.

Closing out the fragrance, the white musk creates a clean, light backdrop against which the other aromas can shine. An undercurrent of white woods emerges, lending a soft, woody aroma that stays close to the skin, grounding the fragrance and giving it a sense of comforting warmth. Black Opium is a sweet, fruity, and floral perfume with a dark, delicious gourmand twist that makes it truly unforgettable.

Review of Black Opium

Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent is a bold and tantalizing fragrance, designed specifically for women. Its assertive scent profile makes it a standout amongst the crowd, an ideal choice for those seeking something that little bit different.

The perfume's dominant sweet and fruity notes set the stage for a captivating sensory experience. The sweetness is tempered by a robust undertone of gourmand and oriental notes, which gives it a sophisticated edge that prevents it from being overly sugary or juvenile. The slight hint of spiciness adds intrigue, while the woody base ensures it remains grounded and mature.

Having a stronger presence in the cooler months of fall and winter, Black Opium proves its versatility by transitioning well into the spring, albeit with less intensity. Its wearability in summer is somewhat limited, perhaps due to its robustness which could be overpowering in the heat.

Ideal for a night out or an evening event, this perfume brings a touch of glamour and mystery. It's equally suitable for daily wear and casual outings, but may be a bit too assertive for a business setting.

What sets Black Opium apart is its longevity. However, it doesn't quite hit the mark when it comes to sillage, meaning it doesn't leave a strong trail behind. This could either be a positive or negative depending on personal preference.

As a value offering, its price point reflects its high-end branding. However, the bolder scent profile might not appeal to everyone. Black Opium is certainly a perfume that makes a statement. For those who prefer a more subtle fragrance, this might not be the ideal choice. Overall, while not perfect, Black Opium is an intriguing option for those seeking a perfume that dares to be different.

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