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Le Vestiaire - Caftan by Yves Saint Laurent

Le Vestiaire - Caftan by Yves Saint Laurent
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2015
Perfumer: Calice Becker

Key Notes of Le Vestiaire - Caftan

What Does Le Vestiaire - Caftan Smell Like

Le Vestiaire - Caftan by Yves Saint Laurent opens with a crisp and zesty aroma as the notes of bergamot and green mandarin orange make their presence known. This citrusy start is subtly heated with the addition of pink pepper, lending a moderate spiciness to the initial fragrance. As the perfume begins to transition, a smoky, rich undertone emerges, underpinned by frankincense. This is intricately intertwined with the sweet, vanilla-like aroma of benzoin, producing a resinous character. Styrax adds a touch of leatheriness to this phase, deepening the overall scent.

As the sense of the fragrance reaches its final stage, it dries down to a warm and slightly sweet muskiness, cushioned with the resinous, ambery scent of cistus absolute. This final blend creates a smoky, spicy, and sweet aroma with an oriental vibe. Despite the strong presence of resinous and smoky notes, the sweetness within helps to soften and round the edges, making the final scent rich yet not overwhelming. Le Vestiaire - Caftan is a sensory journey, starting from a punch of citrus, transitioning through the incensed heart, and concluding with a resinous, soothing base. Its smell is like a vivid tale captured in a bottle.

Review of Le Vestiaire - Caftan

Le Vestiaire - Caftan by Yves Saint Laurent is a perfume that calls to mind a tapestry of rich and evocative aromas. This unisex blend leans more towards masculine tastes, however, it doesn't shy away from having a broad appeal.

The first whiff offers a lively mixture of bergamot and green mandarin orange, with a hint of pink pepper adding a subtle kick. It's a bold yet refined start that doesn't overpower, perfectly setting the stage for what's to come.

As for the heart of the fragrance, Frankincense is the star player. It's a scent that's timeless, potent, and immediately conjures images of exotic bazaars and hazy incense-filled temples. This is balanced out with the soothing, balsamic notes of Benzoin and Styrax, producing a warm, smoky resonance that perfectly captures the spirit of an oriental essence.

At the base, the presence of Cistus absolute and musk helps to round out the scent, gradually drifting towards a more resinous and woody direction. This gives Caftan an earthy finish, providing a comforting and enveloping dry-down that feels equally at home during a relaxed evening as it does on a night out.

Yet, Caftan isn't without its limitations. Its longevity and sillage might fall short for some, and the sweetness might come off as a bit muted. However, considering its reasonable price point, this is a small concession for a fragrance that delivers a rich and evocative olfactory experience.

In conclusion, Le Vestiaire - Caftan by Yves Saint Laurent is a wonderfully layered scent that takes its wearer on a journey.

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