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Le Vestiaire - Vinyle by Yves Saint Laurent

Le Vestiaire - Vinyle by Yves Saint Laurent
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2016

Key Notes of Le Vestiaire - Vinyle

What Does Le Vestiaire - Vinyle Smell Like

Le Vestiaire - Vinyle by Yves Saint Laurent opens with an initial tickle of aniseed, swiftly enveloped by the citrusy presence of bergamot and a mild pinch of pink pepper, which add a subtle, spicy undertone. As these initial tones gently recede, the scent seamlessly transitions to a heart where the distinct aroma of immortelle absolute takes the lead. Myrrh lends an aromatic warmth to this core layer, while opoponax adds a balsamic richness that deepens the fragrance's overall character.

As the perfume continues to evolve on the skin, the base notes come to the fore. Vanilla dominates here, enveloping the senses with its sweet, creamy scent, while the glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice root) introduces a subtly sweet earthiness. Styrax adds an ambery, slightly smoky finish, providing a sturdy foundation for the scent's floral and spicy facets.

Overall, Le Vestiaire - Vinyle by Yves Saint Laurent offers a scent journey that weaves through spicy, sweet and floral territories, while resinous and woody notes provide a comforting sense of depth and warmth. The combination of notes results in an intriguingly layered fragrance that evokes complexity without losing clarity.

Review of Le Vestiaire - Vinyle

Le Vestiaire - Vinyle by Yves Saint Laurent is an intriguing perfume that manages to be both provocative and comforting at the same time. Released in 2016, this scent captures the essence of its namesake - vinyl - with a distinct spicy and sweet combination that is equal parts fascinating and alluring.

Despite being unisex, this perfume's appeal leans slightly more towards women, who might appreciate its resinous and floral aspects. It's a scent that feels dynamic yet grounded, reflecting a sense of personal style that is both assertive and nurturing. The prominent notes of aniseed, immortelle absolute, and vanilla serve to create an atmosphere of warmth and mystery.

In terms of longevity, Vinyle shows decent staying power. It will carry you through a good part of your day, or night, without completely fading away. The sillage is moderate but leaves a lingering impression. It's not an overpowering scent, but rather, something that invites closer inspection.

The perfect time of year to wear Vinyle would be during the cooler months. The spicy and resinous notes come into their own in the fall and winter, wrapping the wearer in a comforting veil of scent. It's suitably versatile for a range of occasions, whether you're heading out for a relaxed night out, or attending an evening event.

Value-wise, while not a budget fragrance, it offers a fair price for its quality. However, it's worth noting that for some, it might lean towards the pricey side.

In conclusion, Le Vestiaire - Vinyle is a bold, unconventional fragrance that mixes warmth, sweetness, and spice to create a truly singular scent experience. It might not be for everyone's tastes, but for those who appreciate a scent with a bit of edge and personality, it's certainly worth considering.

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